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Published: 05 January 2019

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First off, many complaint are against Jessica Burns. Below is just 2 of many links: I have sole legal and physical custoday of my minor children, have so for 8 years. Over the cours of the years, mothers visiotion according to the parenting plan. Mother wanted more, instead of contacting me she proceeded to put the kids in the middle, guilting them into not coming more than the parenting plan. This “stress” led to both kids being placed back into counselging, over the course of the next 4 years as the “stress” at mothers house worsened. Soon this stress became emotionally abusive, with mother and offer mothers husband taking turns corraling the girls and sending them into tears. There were also safety issue at mothers home whcih social service was contacted after injury to 1 child. Mother has never sought medical treatment in all the times the kis ohav been injured or gotten ill, leaving it to me to deal with. Kids counselors label behvaiours of mom/step dad has become emotional abuse. Went to court to ask for supervised visits only. Burns was appointed GAL, of which she promtply interviewed. During the interview, many time she pointe out I am incontemot for not ending kids to visitaiton (MO law allows for custodial parent to suspend if immenemt danger is a concern – emotinal abuse and kids coming home drying meets that criteria in my opinion. But Burns kept insisting I was int he wrong. She bacame angry with me. Shae hasked some standard interview questios and session was over. A few days later I got a call from Burns telling me to send the kids to moms, unsupervised. Burns has spoken to mother, but had not consulted councselor, school, family members, nor kids themselves, all in violation of professional conduct for investigating a case, and certainly not representing my kids best interest. On the phone I asked what the counselors opinion was and Burns got very mad at me, unprofessional, yelling at me that I was in comtempt and I better follow her instruction, she would NOT be speaking with counselor (who has 8 year history especially with my youngest then 13 at the time. I spoke to conselor and my attorney adn was advised NOT to follow Burns “order. The net day my atty motioned to have Burns dismissed and this made the commisiner mad, who then assigned all GAL fees to me. Before this, my atty filed a motiont o dismiss, rendering the commisionrs judgement null as an no jurisdiction existed after the dismissal. But Burns hounnded me for the $, sent a letter ot the commisioner asking to keep the case open until paid. Burns knew she had no right to collect on a illigetimate judgement but leaned on the court to aid her in collecting, thus my case remained “non-dismissed_ until I paid in protest. I demanded Burns turn over her entire file to which she refused. It is my intention to file a complaint against Burns with the MO Bar Disciplnary Counsil and the Fee dispute resolution. I will also file a complaint against the commisioner as it is my opinion that she was acting without integrity and in violation of local court ruls by essentially forcing me to pay Burns when it was out of her jurisdiction. My opinion? Stay away from the biased attorney. She has no busines being a GAL and does NOT have the kids best interest at heart, She seems, in my opinion to be pro-mother regarldess of circusmstances (who in my case is a deadbeat and arrears in child support .

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