Jessie Scott Dinwiddie

Jessie Dinwiddie is a whore and has a woman in every town

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Published: 13 August 2017

Posted by: Stanley N. Braithwaite

Jessie Scott Dinwiddie lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, but also has an apartment in Midland, Texas. So he goes back between Oklahoma and Texas and works for an oilfield service company. He has a toddler with a beautiful woman in Oklahoma and they’re married too.
He’s a hoe though. When he’s out of town at Midland and Odessa, he parties all the time. He frequents Lonestar Bar and The Bar, and occasionally goes to Rockin’ Rodeo. He passes out business cards with a different last name to women at these bars. He sleeps with women on the road, while his wife takes care of their child. He pretends he’s the perfect husband when he’s at Edmond, but has a woman in every town he’s been to.
He has 4 women in Texas now. Caitlin knows he’s married and she’s s skank. Earlier, he hooked up with this woman in Rushton, Louisiana. His crew had to leave him behind when they were going back to OK because they couldn’t find him.
He’s listed on Dating Psychos, and he’s a proud whore. I was one of his victims, for about 6 months last year. It was a friend of mine who actually found out about the guy I thought was my dream. Everything my friend said was true. I threw this toothbrush and gave his clothes away to a hobo.
He sent dick pics to many of my friends and asked my older sister out. He makes me want to throw up and unfortunately, I see a lot of him because of mutual friends. His poor wife though, she has no idea.

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