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Published: 26 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

RUN AS FAR AWAY FROM THEM AS YOU CAN!!!! I was given one of these things as a gift. For the first few weeks all was good. After that, problem after problem. If it wasn’t bad enough the product was no good, the company is 1,000,000 worse! 5 months to replace a overheating charger. This is after many, many phone calls and emails. During this time, the headlights fell out! Yes, fell out. Lost the back brakes, the front wheel started making loud noises, the mirrors rusted and the horns stopped working. I called and called and called. No one answers the phone. It goes right to an answering machine! It took threats in my messages for a response. The person who called me back from tech support was instructing me over the phone how to fix everything. Too bad I was not around a toolbox and had no idea what he was talking about anyway. Told him I wanted a supervisor to call me back. I thought there was as warranty. Come to find out, no scooter or bike shop in the county would touch this thing. A while later, the same day, the same “tech” guy Johnathan calls me calls me back with more attitude and tells me “to grow a d**k and listen to him so my issues can be solved”!!!!!!! I called screaming on the answering machine and sent a NASTY email to them telling them what this little person told me. In comes Andrew Gelles (the “head of customer service”). From the get-go I knew there was going to be problems. Andrew offered to send me a brand new bike for my problems. Sure. Once it arrives, I can just sell it and be done with them. When the new one came I was to pack the old one in the shipping container, send him an email and he would arrange for it to be picked up. The new one arrived. Unpacked it, charged the battery and followed all the other instructions for set up. Not one day later riding home from work, the damn thing shorted out! The dashboard just blinked on and off then that was it. I had to hop off and run out of an intersection with this as not to get hit by an 18 wheeler! That day the phone calls and emails started to them again. The only word I could say was “REFUND”! Andrew agreed to refund the money and send another box for the bikes to be packed up for pickup. I received an email with a copy of a check in the amount of $1951.00 that was to be mailed dated October 31, 2014 and said it was sent. To this day, NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING! Many more angry phone calls and emails not only from me, but the person who gave this to me as a gift. Finally last week he said a check would be sent overnight and attached a copy of a UPS label with a tracking number. This was last week mind you….. NOTHING ONCE AGAIN! UPS said a label was produced, but never had a package to send from them. In the mean time, they have the first bike back (the gift) and the second one as well (the replacement). One excuse after another, after another. Today another email arrived saying the CFO had some family crisis and forgot. YEAH RIGHT, CROOKS! Save yourself all the issues, headaches and MONEY! BUY SOMETHING ELSE. .

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