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Published: 20 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been a customer of JTv for a number of years looking to invest in gemstones “for a rainy day” Recently, that rainy day occurred and upon attempting to sell some of the “high-end” stones I acquired through JTv, from reputable gemologists, I discovered the following disturbing facts: When gemstones are advertised as the “mines are now closed,” creating a supposed market to the consumer to buy some of the “last remaining stones,” I was told that most of these “last stones” are entering a market so saturated with with them that gemologists refuse to even entertain looking at them. When ordering “high-end” gems such as dark-blue tanzanite ring (one valued at $5,000 and selling for $700) I received a pale, sky-blue tanzanite that bore no similarity to the stone shown on the TV. A classic bait-and-switch routine. I was forced to return the gem, at my own expense (including the MANDATORY insurance for the JTV’s STATED value). When ordering “diamond encrusted/accented” rings, the diamonds are actually mere diamond chips that have no value whatsoever. The detail of the close-ups is not clear enough to show that what appears to be one diamond, is actually dozens of diamonds clustered together to appear as a single unit. Had I any indication that Jtv was using such underhanded and deceitful practices, I would never have made so many “investments.” I would like to know about more people who are interested in perhaps joining an a class-action lawsuit mandating a full disclosure of JTv’s practices, including precentage of returns and complaint, I would very like to hear about them. Janice Kenmore, Washington U.S.A.

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