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Published: 20 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Charles winston is at it again . all day . swindling and ripping of the costumer with his plastic concoction moissanite . swindling telling the public that his creations are much more sparkling then a diamond . comparing his trash to a diamond . he cant peddle his junk no more . so he has to make up lies . and the are whoppers .. first .. there are he claims with that fake grin on his face . are more precious metals …. besides the platinum . silver gold rhodium he puts over the sterling … but he can not reveal their names . that lie dident work .. now he comes up .. with.. a meteor soooooo long ago pounts on planet earth.. he just doesent know how,, where and when .. that is what he uses in his fake concoctions . all man made lab. created . he is overloaded with that junk . and cant sell it . outrages prices .up to thausends and thausands of dollars lures the costumer in with swindling ..lying..misleading..misrepresenting.. ripping the costunmer of . this trash is worthles .. he was looking for a channel where he can very easely rip of te costumer.. watching jtv and found the right place . to do the same . it may had worked in the beginning . trusting people threw their money away on his junk moissanite . and found out the been ripped of when having it appraised having to tell those where not diamonds only moissanite . purchased at jtv from charles winston . sales went way down . but that crook deniging it.. he has to .,,, so he has to make up fake stories .. the dont work either . he had it . the public has lost there trust the had put in charles winston .. when the found out the had been ripped of . and charles winston had to come up with fake stories.. to get a reputation back . people had thaught he was honest . he lost .. .. he is a crook from the beginning he peddled his plastic moissanite . made peole believe in so many words with the costumer believing the undertones .that his trash is much better then diamonds . and cheaper . . a trap many trusting costumers fell in to .. but the have learned . what kind of humasn being charles winston realy is .. a crook a sheister.. swindler liar. ripping of the costumer . laughing behind their backs . and counting his profits he got from innmocent trusting victims..but the table has turned . and the customer has learned . not to trust charles winston . but see him as he realy is. a crook and a seister . and a worthles human being . the same as his worthles trash moissanite.. .

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