Jim Sherlock

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Jim Sherlock with Reborn Group conned me and my team! Beware

This man is a FRAUD! He took our payment and then never called us back. Sold us a dream on how we would be helping kids in other countries. He uses MC Hammer like he is his best friend and will be running everything. Never have I met MC Hammer, or heard from him. The only thing about him is a horribly stolen picture he has on his website. If you\’re going to look like Donald Trump, then the least he can do is follow through with the promises that he made. This man should be ashamed of himself. We have reported him to the State Attorney and to the BBB and to Visa. This man keeps his website so hidden that he does not even show up on google! He has no infomation about him on the web. That was my first red flag after I did some research. Of course this is after we paid him. This man is rude and thinks the world is owed to him. But in reality he is just a fruad that uses his Donald Trump looks and MC Hammer friend to demand respect. The only way people get respect in this world is to give some. I will be coming to your office with a lawsuit in the next month Mr. Sherlock! You better start putting up some pictures or events that our money went to.

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  1. james P sherlock March 25, 2019

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