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Published: 14 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My Story goes like this: I met James Arthur White in mid-November 2007. I had been married for almost 31 years and divorced for two years when I met him online. He seemed like a nice man and was very attentive to me. He always said the right things and done the right things to really win my attention. He told me that he had “retired” from an insurance company as a financial planner. What a phony man he really was! We dated for a period of time and he told me he was moving one weekend and would not be able to see me until at least Sunday. Well, Sunday rolls around and I ask him where he moved to…… he said he didn’t have a place yet and was wanting to stay with me for a little while, he asked me if I had a problem with that. I said “no, I would do anything I could to help a friend for a short period of time.” later I asked him if he had found a place yet and he said no but he was still looking. He ended up staying for almost three years! He never offered to pay so much as the water bill. How stupid I was to have allowed this! He told me that he moved here from Virginia to run and operate a Marketing company (that he owned) and it was an advertising company that secured financial sponsorship for race cars. (both of sons are involved in Nascar Truck series). So the story seemed believable. He said he was paid 10% of each sponsorship that he got for a race team. He always talked about the big check that he was getting in the next week or so and it all sounded so reasonable especially since both his sons were involved in racing. After a period of time he asked if he could borrow $4000.00 so he could pay off his credit cards and be approved for a business loan to expand his marketing business. He assured me he would give it back in just a few months when the loan was approved. Being the honest and trusting person that I am, of course, I let him borrow it. There was no business loan and he does not own a marketing company! All of this was part of his scam. As a matter of fact he is really a convicted felon with multiple charges for grand larceny in Richmond, Virginia and Henrico County, Virginia. That’s another lie he told. He denied all of that. He said there was absolutely nothing in his past for me to be worried about. I investigated him through an online source and it showed absolutely nothing! Later, during a neighborhood dispute He finally had to tell me about his convictions and gave me a long story about how he was set up by the insurance company that he worked for and was falsely arrested and charged. This man is such a phony. Do not get involved with him. Do not loan him any money and don’t believe anything he says. Protect yourself and any assets that you might have. In the Bible it warns us to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing and I didn’t listen to what my heart and conscience was telling me. Now…..I am so sorry that I ever laid eyes on this man. We alway think this kind of thing will never happen to us, but trust me, it can and will if you aren’t careful. My brother and I have started this website in order to warn other people about the scam artist that are out there. BEWARE!!!!!!! If your gut tells you something is wrong, them it probably is! Do a thorough background check of someone and ask lots of questions. Verify the information and make sure they are telling the truth. Just because someone give you or shows you a business card doesn’t make them an honest person. It just means they got business cards printed. My Christian upbringing told me this relationship was not right but I didn’t listen to my heart. I thought I knew enough to be smarter than I was. This man is good at what he does and that’s living off the hard work of other people. He has no conscience to do what he does and has no remorse after he has cleaned you out. He will take as long as you will give, then he will move on to the next victim. If you are the victim of a scam, post your story so the faces of these people will be seen and recognized everywhere. .

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