J&J Baseball Trucking, Inc.

J&J Baseball Trucking, Inc.

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Published: 16 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Support all the other negative reviews. This company is a bunch of scammers. Never in my life I had such a horrendous experinece. My car was picked up a week and a half later than the contracted date. I had to pay EXTRA $210 for them to pick up my car. Then they promised to deliver my car at 2PM. They never called with status updates even though they said they would. I had to call them 4 times to check on ETA. They finally delivered my car at 9 o’clock at night when it was already dark outside. They promised to call when they were at least 1 hour out, but they never did. When I called them the 4th time, they told me they were 12 minutes away. I was in the store with my friend and we had to rush home. I asked them not to unload the car in front of the apartment complex where I lived, because traffic is always heavy there and there is not enough shoulder space. It was simply not save to do it there. | When my friend and I arrived at the scene, my car was already unloaded. I couldn’t believe they completely ignored my request. Half of my car was blocking the road, and the moving traffic had to go around it. Mind that it was after 9PM and it was already dark. My friend and I were barely able to park our car on the tight shoulder. It wasn’t safe for me to get out of the car, but I had no choice. Once I got out, two drivers ran to me and immediately put a pen and paper (Bill of Landing) in my hand to sign. They were obviosly rushing me through the whole process. I tried talking to them and asking why they didn’t listen to my instructions. They pretended they didn’t speak English and couldn’t understand me. Then my friend who speaks Spanish started asking them the same thing in Spanish. One of the drivers immediately walked away back to the moving truck and pretended it had nothing to do with him. The other driver was replying some nonsense to my friend. Meanwhile, I went to inspect my car, but since it was dark I couldn’t see much. Further, half of my car was sticking out on the road and I couldn’t even do a full circle to inspect it properly. My car was parked and running, and I just wanted to remove it – and myself – from the dangerous location it was put in as soon as possible. I signed the papers and the two drivers disappeared within a second. Only the next morning I noticed the dents and scratches on the roof. I contacted the brokerage firm – AutoStar – immediately and send them the pictures of the damage. I texted the pictures of the damage to the driver’s number as well. Never got a reply. After three painful weeks, a claim has been filed with their insurance – Great American Insurance Company. Since the estimated cost of the damage was $1,354.43, the insurance company replied that they couldn’t help and they immediately closed the claim. The carrier company has to meet 2,500 deductible before insurance will start paying. They told me to deal with the carrier company directly. I called J&J Baseball Trucking, Inc. and not only they yelled at me, they also hung up. It was clear that nobody was going to cover the damage done to my car. | It has been one big nightmare. I am currently disputing the charges (thankfully, I did not pay cash and put it on my credit card). But even if I get the money I paid for the shippign of my car, it will not cover the cost of the damage. | My next step is to report these scammers to Better Business Bureau. Please do not engage in any business with J&J Baseball Trucking, Inc. and avoid them at all costs!!!!

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