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Published: 18 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Jodi Pliszka of Pliszka’s Adventures produces a horrible product called a HealineIt. She ended up bald as a woman and otivated through vanity created this product which is hokey at best and total junk at worst. She has been on Montel Williams many years ago where she revealed to her soon to be Mother in Law that she was actually bald and wearing a wig. The audience embraced her but what kind of person lies to their fiance until 2 months before their wedding about being actually bald and hiding it. Needless to say the marriage didn’t last. I used this product and was very dissapointed. I should have figured with a person so far out there that the product would be total garbage. When I tried to return the item I actually got Jodi herself on the phone, due to it being such a small time operation, and I could not believe how obnoxious, spazstic and outright dishonest she was during the entire conversation. She did however finally agree to take the product back and provide a refund. This took almost an hour of listening to her ranting and berating but we got there. But words is where any hope of rectifying this bad deal ended. I shipped back the liners and that was the end of it. I never heard from her again. Mysteriously all my phone calls got automatically forwarded to voicemail and I never received any refund. So I was left with the stress of having to deal with this psychotic woman, the use of an overblown crap product, AND being lied to outright when trying to return it. This woman and her company are not to be trusted. Save your money and time and find a reputable place to get wig related accessories that actually work. This bald woman has no loyalty to bald people anywhere and is just in the business to scam money from people. .

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