Joe Mazer

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Stay away from Joe Mazer

This cocky person is so shitty, it’s unbelievable. I spoke to him on a dating website, he told me he had a wife but now was divorced, and was living in MA recently, but is originally from AZ. He told me his ex-wife still lives in AZ, and wanted a fresh start as they were not together anymore. I really thought he was a great person, but in reality turned out to be a total loser. He was still married and living with his wife, but later he left her and was having cybersex with some female who was ugly as hell. When I found out, I confronted him about it but he lied to me even more. That bugger tried to contact me again and said he wanted to work things out with me, but it turned out that he just wanted me to be another sex piece for him. That is all the d*ck wanted. As per my information, he is engaged to Roxanne Johnson, she is from Vermont. Joe Mazer is a liar, a cheat. He even has porn star affiliations, oh you name it! Joe has his profile up on every damn dating website, so all you ladies out there better be aware!! In case anyone wants to know, his latest victim is Roxanne, Iā€™d suggest someone to please tell her to get rid of her! You cannot believe in anything this person says, because he is impossible, he is a true narcissist bastard! There are men like him out in the market, and it’s best if all the ladies stay away from them, they are incapable of love and are truly self-obsessed. Anyone who knows or has spoken to Joe Mazer, get rid of him!

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