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Published: 23 January 2019

Posted by: KHRamos

I paid off a credit card years ago. Was on the phone with the credit card company and paid the entire balance via wire. Years later i started getting calls that i owed a balance. I have asked repeatedly what the balance was for as the card was paid in full. Now i have the law offices of joe pezzuto calling me. I have explained to them that i paid the card in full and verbally requested a written verification of what these charges substantiate because the card was paid in full. Have received phone call after phone call from them – always a different person – giving the same spill, but they cannot give me any information on the charges. I have asked them not to call my office and they continue to do it. I have given them my cell phone number, but they continue to call my office. They call at all hours of the day and after 9:00 pm at night. I just spoke with a senior analyst (Who called my office rather than my cell phone) and again asked for some sort of substantiation for what they say i owe. I was told that since i had never requested it in writing i had already verified that i owed the bill and if they have to give me verification of what the bill is for rather than just accepting their word for some bogus amount, then that i have agreed that i owe the amount. So in otherwords, they can call and say you owe something, harrass you for it and never actually provide you with any evidence that you owe them anything. And then i was told by this harrassing senior analyst that i owed other bills on my credit and that i should just pay them and that i was being unprofessional and they would just take me to court. Since they can’t provide me with any substantiation for the charges, how are they going to prove it in court. But according to the law offices of joe pezzuto, if they tell me what the bill is for then i have to pay it immediately. And all they can tell me is that i owe a principal of $289. 00 but i only made one charge on the card, paid it off and never used it again so there was no principal of $289. 00. I am totally confused and harrassed. It’s all in how much aggravation and harrassment they can apply to drive you nuts and without one shred of proof that you owe anything.

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