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Published: 30 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to joes shop and he reoutlined some work I had already recently done, he charged me $400 for it, I scheduled another appoitment two weeks later to go for what I originally wanted done, which was to add to my leg piece. he was shakey and rude and sweating. I didn’t feel right but because I missed work for this appt and drove 2.5 hours Awa, I unfortunately let him continue. He started aciting funny and had to continually stop working and claimed his gun felt funny. i could see he was having a bad day whereas he told me his dad was dying but he didn’t want to cancel the appt bc he needed the money to eat. So I stopped our session and said that I would give him $400 towards our next appt, that way he makes his money for the day and I help him out and that my next appt would be paid for in full, whereas he was not in a good state to be putting permanent ink on someone’s body. After two weeks of healing I saw how badly he scated my leg and the ink all pushed out and he went out of the lines in several places drastically! I sent him pictures of his work via email, text message and facebook and kindly asked for my money back because I would not go back there because he was clearly on drugs by the complete mess you can see on my leg. Which explains the awkward behavior, the sweating and shaking. He has neglected all of my messages for the past three weeks. And his place needs to be shut down if he is working on people while on drugs and stealing from his costumes. I have a receipt and their company policy is the customer needsfo cancel 72 hrs before their appt or their deposit will be kept. I canceled three weeks before my next appointment and have yet to her back from them. I am appalled that professioral companies run like this and I am going to do everything in my power to get my money back that I worked very hard for and in which he did not earn. I am also goomg to spread the word that he is a drug addict theif who owns an U reputable business. .

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