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Joeys Auto Service

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Published: 06 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This report is from a couple years ago, but I wanted to place it here in case people have a similar problem with the same business. In April 2013, I brought my vehicle to Joeys auto service to repair an issue where my check engine light was on. In this state a vehicle cannot pass smog In this instance. Joeys auto had my vehicle in their possession for over 48 hours. I returned to pick up my vehicle which cost me close to $500 which I paid in cash. The issue was not resolved at that time, and Joeys suggested three or four further repairs at more cost to correct the issue. Joey blamed the issue on my vehicle being old, when in reality Joey and or his mechanics did not have a clue as to how to resolve my issues. I then took my vehicle to a master mechanic. The master mechanic inspected my vehicle, resolved the problem, and changed my oil in one hour. I Itook my vehicle to a smog inspection station, and it passed on the first time. I returned to Joeys auto to request a refund, at this time Joey offered me a partial refund, which I would not accept. I then filed a claim with the automotive repair Bureau of the Consumer affairs department of California. The representative from consumer affairs was very helpful, he approached Joeys auto and requested that they offer me a full refund. When the representative from consumer affairs visited Joeys auto, Joey agreed to issue me a full refund. After finding out this information, I visited Joeys auto, and was told it would take some time to issue me a complete refund. I find it funny that when I picked up the car, they demanded and received payment in full at that time. When I relayed this information to the representative from consumer affairs, he contacted Joeys auto again. Now I had to make another trip to Joeys auto to request my refund, and Joey promised me that he would issue a full refund soon. It actually took almost 3 months from the original repair for Joey to refund my money, but he finally did. If I had not filed a complaint with the consumer affairs department I would have never received a refund. My complaint is also on file on There are also several other shocking complaints in regards to Joeys auto on yelp, some of them even feature Joey driving their vehicle for days and racking up many miles on their odometer, which I would think might constitute a crime.. Also, Joeys Auto is featured on the Better Business Bureau website where their grade was a D minus. If you have a similar experience to mine with Joeys auto in Huntington Beach, for gods sake please file a complaint with the automotive repair bureau of the consumer affairs department – they are the ones that issue and revoke licenses for automotive repairs in the state of California. Do not tolerate this type of behavior, it is illegal – period. Everything involving my case with Joeys Auto is documented with Consumer Affairs.

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