John Bridgen

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John Bridgen is a useless executive and bangs girls

Cisco Systems in San Jose (California) has an SVP names John Bridgen. I’m a shareholder at Cisco. And I can tell you that it’s idiot executives like Bridgen who cause their companies to fail. In turn, shareholders are short-changed.
This 78 year old weirdo is married and has two kids. But so very often, he will hire the most ridiculously expensive call girls, hookers, escorts and P4P girls. From all around Silicon Valley. Either his wife doesn’t know about all of this, or she’s very happy with her life and what she gets from him.
What really irritates me is the fact that Bridgen has been working at Cisco for over five years now. And in all that time, he’s done absolutely nothing! Whenever he goes on business trips, he will get these girls to come to his hotel room. And he will bill every dime under business expenses. Cisco’s shareholders should really be appalled by the way Bridgen spends all their money! He’s a useless executive and we are paying for him to fuck girls when he should be working!

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