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Did a terrible job with my breast augmentation surgery!

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Published: 28 June 2019

Posted by: Reba

He made them uneven for Christ’s sake! They look uglier than before and now I’ll need another procedure for getting rid of this terrible boob job. I didn’t think Dr. Burns would this terrible. He was acting all confident so I thought he was a really reliable professional. I didn’t think he’d be a foolish retard.

Don’t be fooled by this guy’s online reputation. He has a good-looking website and plenty of reviews, which can fool anybody. They don’t show you the truth. They only praise him. They claim that Dr. Burns knows a lot about plastic surgery but in reality, he’s dumb. He doesn’t know sh*t. The way he ruined my procedure, I’m certain that he doesn’t have any knowledge of plastic surgery. Who does an uneven breast augmentation surgery? Certainly not an experienced and expert surgeon. This guy is really toxic too. When you’d talk to him, 90% of the time he’d be gloating over his past achievements. He says bad things about other surgeons in the field. Like, I mentioned the name of one surgeon to him. I was telling him that I had found some other surgeons and I was considering them too and he just started rambling about how terrible every surgeon is. He told me that one of the surgeons in the area had even killed a patient through a botched surgery! Imagine that. When I noticed how he had messed up my surgery, I discussed the issue with him. There wasn’t supposed an error of this sort, right? I mean, he claims that he has done many successful procedures, then how could he mess it up? Well, when I discussed his messed up procedure, he got all angry and started shouting at me. He told me that I was seeing things and that everything was okay. I was like, nope, nothing is okay. My breasts look uneven and they weren’t like this before. He was only supposed to make them fuller and bigger. What kind of mess up did he do? After hearing my reply he just told me to leave his office. He started calling me names as well. Later on, I received a call from his staff that they were very sorry. I know Dr. Burns wasn’t sorry. It was an attempt by his staff to make sure that I was feeling okay. I’ll now need to get another surgery to fix this damn mess up Dr. Burns has done with my breasts. If I had any idea about his incompetence, I’d have stayed miles away from this guy. He isn’t safe. He isn’t reliable either. He is a narcissistic doctor who has no knowledge of his field. In other words, he is a phony surgeon. Better stay away from him if you want to keep your face and breasts intact. There are many other surgeons who are far better than Dr. Burns. I wonder what he would’ve done to my face if I had gotten a facelift from him.

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