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Published: 24 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I used to be a very optimistic soul, until I went to work *for* JCT. I had high hopes of being able to purchase my own truck and fulfill a lifelong dream. The orientation went smoothly. Everyone was all friendly, courteous…even “professional”. That is until my Temporary Dispatcher decided to try to run roughshod over me. It all started when I came off home time after finally being able to get settled into what I thought was going to be MY truck. The Temporary Dispatcher gave me a load picking up at a Tyson plant over in Rocky Mount. It had been freezing rain all night the night before I got the load. As soon as I saw that everything was iced over, I let him know that I would be on a 2 or 3 hour delay. That was fairly reasonable, considering that I couldn’t even get into my car at the time due to the locks being covered with ice. Me and my husband had to use a propane heater to de-ice the door locks. By the time I got to the truck at the truck stop, I had several messages that sounded desperate or irritated, can’t remember which. But anyway, I managed to get underway and get over to Rocky Mount. Then the same Temporary Dispatcher started copping an attitude with me over the Qualcomm. I wish I could remember *his* name but, for the moment, Temporary Dispatcher will do. He asked my ETA and being fed up with his whining, I told him that I would be there in 2 days time. Period. So, he arbitrarily decides to try to make me repower the load in West Memphis, AR, where the week previous, I’d heard gun shots. I always knew West Memphis truck stops weren’t safe. And yet, that’s where he wanted me to wait for the repower. I didn’t. I did NOT feel safe staying there and waiting for the other driver, whoever that might have been. He wouldn’t even give me the truck number or who I was supposed to be looking for. More feeling unsafe! So, when I *did* get to West Memphis, I went on. In spite of the jerk telling me to stop there. I went on and delivered the load in Lawton, OK where it was supposed to be going anyway! I got there 3 hours ahead of my appointment time and that didn’t seem to make him happy. Then he tried to put another load on me right after delivering, knowing full well (by Qualcomm) that I didn’t have any more hours to run! So, when we finally spoke on the phone, he was in a huffy attitude, I told him that I would be in Sapulpa the next morning so we could discuss the situation rationally. I make it to Sapulpa and everyone in the office wanted to chit-chat and kept me away from him. I got to talk to a whole lot of other people and never talked to him. Then Jim Mallory got involved out of the clear blue. He asked me to go to his office with him, which I did because I felt I had done nothing wrong. When I get there, he sits down and tells me that he wants to hear both sides, yet he kept talking over me. I never got to speak my side of what had happened. Then he tells me he’s going to give me my choice… Either I can fight them “firing” me and I’d still lose, or give up the lease, coerced, and walk away. But either way, I’d be on the losing end. When I finally caved in, unwillingly, he then told me that I had 4 hours to clean out the truck and get off their property or he’d be calling the police and reporting me for trespassing. Needless to say, that put me and my betterhalf in a severe bind. We were forced to renting a car that we couldn’t afford and then leaving for home. So, if anyone asks me about this company, I’m forced to say “No, don’t go there if you don’t want to get scammed!” I’ll be adding more later as memory serves. .

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