John Cowan

John Cowan will do no work but he will take your money

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Published: 17 July 2017

Posted by: Francis A. Jones

I got in touch with John Cowan after I looked him up on Yelp. He had good reviews on there, and I asked him to handle my legal case in San Francisco. He had me pay $14,000 beforehand, saying he would need to put in a lot of hours and paperwork. I waited for 4 months. Not much happened. He said he filed some documents, and that he was too busy with other cases. He said he made calls.
Basically, they were all lied. He told me he had filed some papers, and I found out that he never did that either. But he kept sending me more invoices, for work he never did! He wouldn’t take my calls. Finally, I asked him for a refund, which was when he broke to me that he didn’t have any of my money. He claimed he had done a lot of work for me and threatened to file a lawsuit for harassment, even.
John Cowan literally steals from people who go to him. There are a few negative reviews on Yelp in the end, and you should read those before you decide to choose this man. I got completely scammed and he refuses to give me anything back.

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