John F. Doane, MD

They are thieves and scammers.

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Published: 02 July 2019

Posted by: Kenneth

Dr. Doane’s clinic did insurance fraud with me and then threatened me that they will file a complaint against me for non-payment. They ended up taking more than $5000 from me for a single LASIK surgery. They forced me to pay them this much money. Dr. Doane’s clinic had told me that they accept my insurance plan even though I hadn’t seen the mention of my insurance plan anywhere on their website or online profiles. I enquired about it but they assured me that I shouldn’t worry at all. I had visited the place because I wanted to see if they really accepted my insurance. I wanted to undergo a LASIK surgery so that I could get rid of the glasses for good. I didn’t think they would be this cruel and criminal. I wish I had never visited this place in the first place. Those people are heartless monsters who can do anything to take money out of you. They can lie to you, hurt you and even steal from you. They had taken $1,200 in advance from in cash. They had told me at the time that they weren’t able to contact my insurance company and that I shouldn’t worry because they’d refund me the cash as soon as they can get access to my insurance. They were acting all nice and friendly so I didn’t suspect them to be this dangerous. Then, after the procedure got done, their behavior changed completely. They started asking me to make the payment of $2,200 for the entire procedure through cash or card. I told them that I didn’t have this sort of money and that’s why I had opted to pay them through insurance. They told me that they don’t take my insurance so I’d need to pay them through cash or card. They lied to me. They started claiming that they had alerted me before and I had agreed to pay them in cash. They were making stuff up. I told them in clear language that I wasn’t aware of any such ordeal. I couldn’t have said that stuff because I didn’t have that much money. I was sure they were lying to me. They then told me that I can pay them in installments. I paid $450 for over ten months. The payment wasn’t that big at the start but then they added various hidden charges and I ended up paying them more than $5000 for a procedure which was supposed to cost only $3,600. They wrecked my financial health. I’m in debt of different people because I didn’t have enough income to pay out these people. My LASIK surgery surely cost me a lot. And Dr. Doane himself is a big criminal. He knew all about it but he still went on with it. I had requested him personally but he claimed that I was the one scamming them. Please, if you want to keep yourself and your money safe, avoid this guy.

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