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Published: 20 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

On December 24th 2014 myself, my fiancé and my infant son went to look at a house we were interested in and excited about. We met John Valerio there and he showed us the home. We made the decision there that we wanted to buy this home and was to be our first. So we proceeded to make an offer and John asked for a $3000 deposit Which we made. We left that day feeling excited about what was going to be our first home as a family. Days went by and no word from John about our offer but we were optimistic. When we finally got ahold of him he said it would take some time and wouldn’t be til after the holidays that we hear anything. So we waited and waited. We became weary and decided to contact another realtor about the home and found out the home was sold. So we tried to to contact John and he wouldn’t answer our calls. He would only text which is unprofessional by itself. Now the lies begin and we learn that this was a shceme to defraud all along. He said that he would return our money no problem. He asked where we wanted to meet and we said our home. We agreed on 2:30 and surprise no John or our $3000. Now he says his assistant named Bill was bringing it. There is no Bill by the way. When we determined that Bill was not coming we alerted John who then stopped responding to us. We went to the police and filed a report of grand larceny and the police said that they would give some more time for him to return our money Before they made their arrest. Coincidentally while in the station John texts that he will bring the money the next day When he got back to town. Of coarse he didn’t show up. I decided to set up another viewing with a different name at a different home. John said he was out of town and that his assistant Bill would meet me there. We went just to get answers and try to set him up for an arrest. When we turned onto the street guess who’s there? John valerio! Or now he’s Bill. I meet him at his car and asked where my money was and he said “I’ll write you a check” he reaches in his center console and pulls out what appears to be a gun. So I reach in his car to push his arm away and he floors it and drives through the lawns of other homes. We called the police and filed yet another report. This time for menacing. We are not sure if he has been arrested yet as it happened earlier this evening so please be aware that John Valerio is a fraud, a thief and is ver dangerous. I will try to keep this updated and hope to spread the word fast and widespread.

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