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Published: 03 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We had a York TG9SMP gas furnace installed in our rental house approximately 5 years ago. Within 1 year of having this furnace installed, this unit puked water all over the interior of the attic of the house. It could manage this feat because it was a “high-efficiency condensing” furnace. We were extremely lucky we caught this problem before it ruined the ceiling of our house. Our installer evaluated the problem and determined that it was due to a defective/cracked condensate collector. This was VERY likely a problem that Johnson controls knew about but did not bother to notify the customers who had purchased this model furnace to get this part checked/replaced. In addition, two out of the two tenants who have rented this house have complained about the noise of the furnace. Our installer told us that this “high efficiency” furnace is just noisy. When our second tenant [who recently moved into this house] strongly complained about the noise of this furnace and that you can hear the furnace “. . .3 houses” down the street, we realized that we were simply going to have to have this piece of junk replaced with a reliable and quiet furnace. It costs us a lot of money to have this furnace installed and now [5 years later] we are forced to replace it. Needless to say, we would never consider purchasing another product by Johnson Controls. We did contact Johnson Controls several times about this furnace but it was clear thta they were not interested in what was going on with their product. It is no accident that York Furnace [purchased by Johnson controls several years ago] was rated by Consumer Reports as one of the LEAST RELIABLE gas furnaces.

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