Johnson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

I will not go back there again.

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Published: 26 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My teeth are not in good condition from the gaps in between. I visited Johnson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. A colleague recommended the practice. I didn’t get an appointment until a week passed by. The preparation for filling in the gaps wasn’t a success.

This is the worst dentist because of the poor-quality material used to fill in the gaps of my teeth. I expected better but it was a mistake to have gone there. The staff was not friendly to help assist the dentist.

At Johnson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry you would get no quality of dental care and the bad conditions of facilities are not usable. The staff members are unpleasant, and treatment is bad to patients. The painful experience I had left me feeling uncomfortable to visit dentists with confidence.

Staff members at Johnson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry are no professionals in what they do. The dental hygienists and dental care doctors are not skilled for the practice. The terrible experience I had with my teeth changed my mind about going back there. They have no interest inpatient care. Customer’s service is bad, and dental care hasn’t shown me any skills.

I did not experience quality and care from Johnson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. They disappointed me in their services and unfriendly staff.

The dentist is not calm to perform procedures. I was not impressed with the work at Johnson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Gaps in between my teeth were not pasted in with care and quality. At the dentist room, I was uncomfortable and anxious. It is of no use to the practice of how I felt after the weak performances of Johnson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. At this practice, you got to wait for everything. You’ll have to wait for an appointment or information on dentistry thanks to the customer service. I got tired of the horrible people here.

They couldn’t save the paste on my teeth in between the gaps. I am disappointed in their dental work and staff behaviors. I don’t see the professionalism and a warm welcome to the practice. This experience has made me insecure to visit other dentists. I am not sure how the same procedure would turn out at another dentistry.

The bad services and unfriendly staff did not make my experience any better than I had experienced at Johnson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.

They are not knowledgeable and are not friendly to patients and ignore patient care. The offices are not clean, and this is from the poorly managed staff at Johnson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. I won’t recommend Johnson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to anyone in search of dentistry, from the bad services and poor management of unfriendly and unpleasant staff. I did not expect to have bad treatment there. My teeth are not properly pasted with filling in the gaps. It is up to no good at this practice. I don’t want to recommend the practice to friends or families for the poor quality of dentist materials and for everything I found is a bad service.

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