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Published: 21 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I dropped my car off to get some new tires and an alignment. I get it back and the airbag light is on. I go back inside and they tell me it was already on when they got it. Um, no, it was not. Besides, they don’t even go near any of that stuff, so it couldn’t be their fault. So, they can go in and look at it and that’ll be another $100 just to figure out what’s going on. Forget that, I leave. I have anger issues and when people lie to my face and then charge me for the privelege, I get hot under the collar. So, today, my wife dropped off her car to get an oil change. I met her there to pick up the car. We start it up, and the engine doesn’t sound right, it’s kind of choking and sputtering. Check engine light stays on. She heads in and a tech comes out with a computer and the papers. He says the engine light was already on when they got it. WHAT?!?! No, it wasn’t! The car just needed an oil change! But guess what? They don’t know what’s wrong with it but they’ll take a look. Computer says it’s an air pressure leak. They take it back in and act like they haven’t a clue how to get into the engine. Oh, here it is, some kind of valve leak. They say they’re not sure how to fix it. They go back out and come back in and, suprise surprise, they know what to do, can get the part in 30 minutes and that’ll be another $100. But it couldn’t possibly be our fault b/c it’s not part of the oil change to get in there and the light was on already anyway, so… You want us to fix it for you? Once, sure it might be a coincidence. My car wasn’t in the best shape… so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. My wife’s car is in great shape, we take care of it very well. We don’t drive around with the check engine light on. We always get things taken care of. They lied to our faces, tried to charge us for repairs for things that they broke. We are never returning here again and will be recommending that no one we know go here. They are not honest, not in the least. .

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