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stealing patient's money and fooling them completely

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Published: 10 November 2018

Posted by: David

I and my wife visited Jolie Plastic Surgery Clinic and there they informed us they never had any complications or death of the patients in the 40 years. We were totally convinced and trusted the clinic. But later that day, we found out from several reports online about numerous deaths in the clinic. Deaths had mainly caused because of doctors who were doing such practices without any license. It is completely illegal to perform plastic surgeries or any surgery without an approved license. There are some doctors whose licenses have been revoked and still continue to work in this clinic. When we came to know about how this stuff was, my wife mailed them including reports in a friendly way to refund her payment. We thought the company had good intentions and would return our money sooner, but they told my wife to wait for more than twenty days to receive the money. We had complete faith in them that they will surely return our money, but they didn\’t. They also said that they would charge her $ 400 for the cancelation of the surgery. I believe this is the fault of the clinic because they provided us with misleading information. They set a trap and we were just a prey for them. We asked them again to make a full refund for $ 3,200 without any chaos. My wife also didn\’t want to get involved in the media so we tried to handle things in our way. We wanted our money back but they weren\’t ready.

Due to them, my wife is suffering from stress and anxiety. She has been shaken in a psychological state. They are completely responsible for the damage and the health issues they have caused to my wife. They haven\’t returned a single penny and we are still trying to get in contact with them to give the full refund back. We have also encountered other people who have faced the same situation. That client had paid $ 2500 deposit to the clinic. She also stated that they asked her to pay the full payment of $ 4500 for the plastic surgery. Later that year, she came to know that the company has changed its name and the doctor who was going to operate her was responsible for the death of another patient. She also found out the experience of other ladies and planned to get the refund. She tried to contact them several times daily, but no one replied. The new coordinator of the clinic told her that the company name is changed and the doctor who was going to do her surgery was not available. She picked another doctor for her. A few days later, she again realized that the company\’s name has been changed and the new doctor was no longer available. She confronted the clinic via calls and got an email from a lady who apologized her and said that they have changed the company\’s name to Jolie Plastic Surgery. Later on, the coordinator stopped contacting her so she decided to make a call on the clinic. No one answered her single call and she got fed up with their unprofessional behavior. She also wrote a negative review about the company.

Me and my wife both are displeased with this company. A few days later, she got refund papers via email and she quickly sent them back. The coordinator had mentioned in the mail that it would take more than 21 days to get the refund back. After a few days, she got an email that $ 2500 was refunded but when she checked her account zero refund was made. She contacted on the given number and a young man answered who had no idea about my case. She contacted her back but no payment was made. The clinic continued to say that the refund was made but it wasn\’t. They were lying. She had all the emails and bank deposits as proof. In 2018, she is still trying to get her $ 2500 back. The same thing had happened with another client where she didn\’t receive the money. She kept all the receipts to show them but the company said that it didn\’t matter to them because they also had a receipt which said payment was made. She also tried to provide her routine number, but they said it was of no use. The second coordinator also stated that the first coordinator had provided her wrong routing numbers. But the numbers were correct. They were lying. They also said to tell the bank to recall money and said that the routing numbers were changed a month before she deposited the money. They also canceled her surgery and were not ready to make a refund. They are scammers and please try to maintain distance from them. They have been doing the same thing with every client. They are just trying to lure innocent clients who want a better body. We are trying to reach out more people to raise the voice against this fraud doctor.

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