Jonathan Drew Vogel

Ripping off People’s Money!!

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Published: 27 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

You will surely die one day!! Such a fraud hypocrite person. I had never thought in my wildest dreams that I will have to meet you. He is a con man, working only to rip off the hard-earned money of the people and wants to make other people fool with his fake promises and commitments. I beware you all this person is not what he seems to be. He has tricked several people and run away with their money. This person can never be trusted and one must keep away from such a person.

He has ruined our life by taking the only money we had saved and now we are helpless. We have no hope and there is nothing we can do. I don’t understand how hurting people like this is going to make the people hate it. I was in a state of shock and wanted that this person would be given the worst of all punishments. Had I known that he was already under arrest for many charges, I was not able to comprehend that what had happened with me. I also searched online and found him guilty of charges here. How can people cheat other people like that and then, behave as if nothing happened.

Jonathan is such a liar who had just made people fool with his words and people fell into his trap of words that lead to such situations. If I had known in the first place that this would happen, I would never had made any contact with this person. I was recommended by a friend and I really hate to remember that day when I went to his office. I just wish that he never gets out of jail if he is still there. He should never get any pity. He should stay in jail forever. That is what he really deserves.

He is a terrible person and anyone who would come in any kind of deal with him has always suffered badly. It is so bad that people have lost morality nowadays and sold their souls for a few amount of cash. This person has no ethics and rather is only after your money, I am telling you, I swear to Lord, I have heard many stories about how he has been looting people like that.

Anyone who gets associated with him is always taken as wrong person. I have no faith left in the people and other things. I hate that people are still believing and posting positive reviews for him. This is so bad. Or maybe he is putting fake reviews in the name of other people writing it. This is sheer injustice and no one should ever trust such bogus person. He is just too cheap. He has lost all his self-respect and is now after the money of other people.

He has just made my life hell!! He will surely suffer hard!! He should know that God is there and he will never be forgiven for the sins he has committed in the past. No one may never know what happened with me, but I shall not let it happen with anyone ever again. You will have to feel the pain!! It is so bad that this fraudulence happened with so many people but very few came forward to actually register a complaint about it. No one should ever face such a deceiving thing! You will never live happily by snatching the money of decent people. You will literally rot in hell and never get away with this that easily.

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