Jones Boston Terrier Puppies

Jones Boston Terrier Puppies

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Published: 20 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

These guys claim to be selling full bred Boston Terriers. They claim to be able to ship the puppies anywhere in the US and Canada, and are the cheapest pleace to get them online. It’s all a big scam to get you to send them money via western union. I expressed my concern about sending them money upfront with no guarantee of getting anything in return. Below is a copy of our text messages . Me: Also I do have a concern. Unfortunately it’s the world we live in today…if I send you $ via western union, what guarantee do I have you will send the dog? Me: I would be more comfortable sending 1/2 now and once we have the shipping info sending the other 1/2 or do a COD, or something like that… | Jones: i understand that you have to be skeptical for the world today is too bad this whole thing has become so rampant so much so that it tarnishes the international business relationship of the breeders and pet owners and also goes on to tarnish the image of the entire state as a whole, and it’s the same thing that i am facing now with you for you can’t trust me. Jones: But i will also like to let you know that our top priority is to satisfy customers who are willing to buy and who wish to provide a good home for our puppies. This is a family business which is almost non profitable, we are breeding these breed in memory of our late Grand Father she use to love this breed of dogs so much. If we are to make profit we will sell at a higher cost like other breeders.So i am giving you my word that you will have your puppy after i have the money. After you send the money you get a bogus email from [email& 160;protected] | It’s is a very poorly written email that says they have your puppy and are doing one last heath check before sending it off on the flight. Later you will receive another email saying there has been some sort of delay and the puppy won’t be showing up till a later time. At this point your money has been withdrawn from Western Union and you are S.O.L. you’ve lost $680 and still have no puppy. I was one of the lucky ones and was able to recover my money because the person that was supposed to pick up the money from Western Union lost their license and I was asked to change the name on the pickup form. At that point I had had an opportunity to read the emails from the “transport” company and was able to contact Western Union and get my money back. Don’t get sucked into this scam!

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