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Published: 04 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been a proud owner of a Chevy for the past 3 years. Recently, because of the long-lasting rainy season, the brakes of my car got messed up. The disk brake wasn’t working properly and it made weird noises while applying the brakes. It was time that I got my car repaired from a brake repair specialist. After doing a lot of research both online and offline I found out about the Jones Brothers Brakes. All the positive comments on their webpage made me sure about the professional and genuine work of their firm. The webpage stated that they had a very professional group of mechanics.
I took my car to their place and when wanted to meet the manager to talk about the problems I was informed that the manager only meets over the appointment. I wanted to make an appointment right there and I got a date for another day. I requested the receptionist to let me meet the manager today because I was already here but he said that it was bound their terms and condition to let anyone talk to the manager without appointments. I had to come back on the day of my appointment for the meet. Even after making an appointment I was kept waiting for more than 45 minutes and I wondered for what possible reason they fixed my appointment when I wasn’t even allowed to meet him on time. I was getting impatient and went to the receptionist to let me meet the manager because I was already getting late for my office, he turned heads over my question and behaved as he didn’t listen to me. The wait was too long and boring until I was called in. I met the manager and told him about the problems my car faced, he gave me the costing and I agreed to it because it was affordable to some extent.
He then ordered his mechanic to fix the problem and it took him 3 hours to complete his job. It was more than enough because it would only take an hour to change the callipers and rubber pads. He was not a professional mechanic and spent most of his time having tea and smoking cigarettes in between his work. I noticed his work all the time and I couldn’t find any professionalism in his work because most of his attempts failed to fix the callipers in the right place and another mechanic came and accompanied him to help. The work was done and I took my car away. It was not even an hour when the brakes started giving problems. It made the same noise as it did before and the disc brake was very loose and my car was shaking when I drove at a high speed. The alignment of the tires was not at the centre. I was pissed off for letting the workers of the Jones Brothers Brakes work on my vehicle. It would have been better if I would have taken my car to an authentic showroom. The work was very unprofessional and a waste of time and money because the result was all the same after some time of the repair.

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