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Published: 11 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am not on here to Bash Jones International University in any way. I am a student at this university and have been for some time. I won’t lie it has been a rough ride for me. I am seeking my second Masters Degree in Elementary Education. When I first started the college everything went smooth, but after I was injured and had to take a leave of absence from classes things went down hill. I was tripped by one of my students and fell on my right hip. I had to have a total right hip replacement which left me totally and permentally disabled. I tried to finish all three of the eight week courses but could not finish the last one. i was in the hospital on strong pain medcationsand didnot feel that i was gaining the knowledge i wanted. I went to both doctors and was advised to take a leave so i did. I went back to college to finish my education and was bitten by a spider on my leg. My toe was amputated because of this and was again advised by my doctor to take a leave. Now, Imust say that i was almost finished with all classes and only had my student rotation left to do. During this leave I found out that I had to have eye surgery because of a torn retna and had it in September 2013. I felt that i would be able to come back to college to do my student internship when the State of Colorado was hit by the flood, (right after my eye surgery) so I found a document on JIU’s website that was titled Emergancy leave of Absence. I filled it out and faxed it to the number provided on the paper. When I called to speak with my student advisr i found out there was a new student advisor that had no idea what I was talking about. I explained it to him and was sent an email by him stating that no I could not take an extended leave of absence. I contacted the BBB and filled a complaint and they then sent me an email stating that I could take a leave but they would not approve it. We as students know if we take a leave without the schools permission your financial will go into default. Needless JIU replied to the complaint with lies and the BBB closed the file. JIU knew of my health issues when I enrolled in college. This is something i did not leave out when speaking with the many, many different enrollment counselors, or student advisors. Upon signing the leave of absence document O tols JIU that I had to have 2 more surgeries 1 on my eye again because the first surgery left me with a cataract, and the most serious surgery on may 21, 2014 on my hip. I have to have a revision surgery because the first hip they gave me stopped working. I fall all the time and am now using crutches and a cane. I have some health issues i know but this should not stop me from getting the education I want. MY GPA was 4.00 but dropped to a 3.49. When I asked they gave me some story that I still do not understand but that is OK. I will say that there have been issues withstudent advising, financial aid, the Dean over the Education Department and others. I have been told the JIU does what they want to do and they do not have to follow rules. I beg to differ the receive funding from sources that require them to follow certain guidelines. They also have to follow the guidelines that are set forth by the American Disability Act and there are probably other rules that they have to follow that I have not found. I have been told by JIU that if I don’t return back to school by June 1, 2014 I will be kicked out again! How I will have just had a second hip surgwery? I believe with all my heart that JONES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY will have to follow some type of rule one day. Felling Lost! .

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