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Published: 23 December 2018

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*** Colorado Attorney General Complaint Filed on June 1, 2011 ** Denver BBB Complaint Filed on June 1, 2011 Mr. Cyrus Rajabi, a former friend and Attorney with Jones & Keller PC was contracted by a company that I represented to review and alter a Deposit Account Control Agreement (DACA) originally authored by Wachovia Bank. This document was originally intended to be used as the primary instrument in a deposit agreement with First Western Trust bank. Despite Mr. Cyrus Rajabi’s collaboration with the in-house counsel at First Western Trust Bank in Denver, Colorado, the document was never in acceptable form to the bank to allow us to consummate our transaction. Originally feeling this was the fault of the bank, I took the document to a personal acquaintance who was then the CEO of United Western Trust Bank in Denver, Colorado. The document was not in acceptable form to consummate the transaction with United Western Trust Bank. Later, upon receiving the bill I was shocked at what I construed as Mr. Cyrus Rajabi over-billing for the modification of the DACA. The version that Cyrus Rajabi presented was largely similar to the version of the DACA that I had originally provided to him as an attorney for Jones & Keller P.C. for modification. I did consider Cyrus Rajabi to be a friend at the time, and softly deflected his attempts to collect what I felt was an unfair bill to the company I represented. Additional attempts were made for collection by calling other individuals associated with the company. This is a normal practice for a corporate debt, so I had no complaint about this practice. Eventually Jones and Keller P.C. retained Sterling & King, a collection company in Casselberry, FL. to collect this debt. In repeated violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), representatives from Sterling & King made repeated contact with members of my family, impersonating FBI agents and telling them that I would be “arrested” if I did not pay the corporate debt. In repeated violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Sterling & King reported this corporate debt on my personal credit report. When disputed, they did not mark such account as disputed. As of June 1, 2011 Sterling & King has no valid registration with the Colorado Collections Board, (a division of the Colorado State Attorney General’s Office) which makes registration compulsory for agencies collecting debts in the State of Colorado. This was verified by Tony Cordova, an employee of the Colorado Collections Board, who then emailed me a complaint form to complete as documentation against Sterling & King. I emailed Cyrus Rajabi of Jones & Keller PC out of friendship and offered him a settlement on the corporate bill that was in dispute. He referred me back to Sterling & King. Cyrus Rajabi was made aware of the infractions of law committed by Sterling & King on behalf of he and his firm Jones & Keller PC on August 27, 2010. Cyrus Rajabi and his firm Jones & Keller PC knew, should have known, or was reckless in not knowing that the collections agency Sterling & King was not licensed by the Colorado Collections Board to collect debts in Colorado. Cyrus Rajabi and his firm Jones & Keller PC knew, should have known, or was reckless in not knowing that the collections agency Sterling & King has an “F” rating with the Central Florida BBB. Cyrus Rajabi and his firm Jones & Keller PC knew, should have known, or was reckless in not knowing that the collections agency Sterling & King has been successfully sued on multiple occasions for similar violations of the FCRA and the FDCPA. In addition to this the Attorney General complaint, I have filed a complaint with the Denver BBB which has been assigned case 75147225. I am in the process of filing a formal complaint with the Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel against Cyrus Rajabi and his firm Jones & Keller PC. This matter has not been litigated as of June 1, 2011. .

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