Jones Law Firm, P.C.

Jones Law Firm, P.C.

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Published: 20 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

When you hire a lawyer make sure he is not a merely E-Discovery lawyer those are the bottom of the pit in general, they are only good for discovery research and in my case even that was too much for Bryce and his lawyers. | They could not even figure out a dropbox and then when you at the most vulenrable moment they drop you because it gets too hard for them. Imagine that I replace a bad lawyer with Bryce’s law firm, I provided him with everything he needed and guess what, he first blamed me for the initial short comings of his team and ultimately his and appologieze. | The second time an answer was owed and due to the court and my adversary at 2am in the morning my time his lawyer did a half fast job did not read the provided thouseands of emails and asked me to sign or do the work for him, at 2 am for the same day. | Thats the type of law firm you get with Vryce a law firm that hasd a huge ego no real track record and certainly claimed to be worth 500 an hour when you can pay top NYC firm with real top lawyers. Not e dicsovery paper pushing laweyers for 400/hour imagine that, so I assume Jones is another firm that will not last the question is will your case survive or die because of Bryce and his accomplices lawyers that change every week….? | I siuggest you reconsider and avoid being like i am at the mercy of Mr, Bryce Jones who is NOT a man of his word, and will when the hit gets rral and real lawyering is require simple fade away into his confoirt zone terminating his clients. | I highly recommend you find another lawyer even if you pay mroe cause with Bryce you will lose, he made me lose 2m or more. a simple collection case was too much for him.

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