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Published: 07 December 2017

Posted by: lorthrop

Google his name and the first things to pop up will be links to stories about his $1M lawsuit against a patient for negative reviews she posted about him online. Narcissistic little tyrants come from all places and in all shapes and sizes. In this case they come from Korea. In Korea when such a bully wants to show the world that he’s boss he can, for example, stand his uncle against the wall and have him blown to smithereens by anti-aircraft gun fire. Then when his aunt has the unmitigated effrontery to cry too much for the uncle he can have her murdered in unspeakable ways, too. In New York City, where they still lag behind Korea in such matters, the closest thing to having someone murdered in in unspeakable ways is to sue them in court for one million dollars. Dr. Joon Song sells gynecology, the surgical robotic kind. Dr. Song saw a patient, Michelle Levine, for abdominal pain. Later, Levine complained that Song’s office performed expensive tests on her that 1) were not indicated by her symptoms, and 2) that she had neither been told about nor consented to. Levine posted negative reviews on several doctor review websites about this, accusing him of being dishonest and calling him a crook, or words to that effect. What is a caring, compassionate, physician sympathetic with women’s issues supposed to do in this kind of situation? Call the patient in, maybe, or call her on the phone, and have a heart to heart with her, consoling her, explaining things to her, calming her down and assuring her that she can count on his office to do everything possible to make things right for her? No, of course not. Like I said, he sues her for $1M. What a [censored]. What happens when the world learns about such a [censored]? News organizations start investigating it and reporting on it. Other people start talking about it, too, expressing their opinions and in many cases expressing their sympathy with the patient and demonstrating their outrage that a doctor would stoop to such an aggressive action. (“Militant” might be a better word in Dr. Song’s case, its root being “military” since according to his lawyers one of the things he did before becoming a gynecologist and moving to New York was be an officer in the Korean military. Why would a tough-minded Korean soldier want to take up gynecology? Oh, well, maybe my lawyers can put this question to Dr. Song in the deposition that will take place if and when he sues me.) The public begins to post negative reviews about Song on several doctor review websites. Naturally, Song doesn’t like this because after all this is not good for business. What is Song’s response? First he sics his legal goons on the websites that host the negative reviews. When this isn’t enough he has his staff leave positive reviews, identifying themselves as his staff. Visit this link and see the review titled “DEAR MS.W”: Theses unflattering reviews suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, as such reviews often do especially when the doctor uses legal goonery, but not before someone saved them this internet archive. My advice is avoid Dr. Joon Song. Someone so quick to go on the attack should not be a medical doctor, at least not the kind who deals with people. There are kindlier, friendlier ways to approach the kind of problems and misunderstandings that often arise out of the scheduling of tests and the billing that goes along with that.

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