Jordan Landing Smiles

This place is filled with criminals and fraudsters.

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Published: 23 May 2019

Posted by: David

Don’t visit Jordan Landing Smiles. They STOLE $700 FROM ME! And if I hadn’t caught them, I don’t know how much more money they might have stolen from me. Dr. Powell makes up bogus invoices and sends to your insurance company to steal money from you. I ended up losing $700 to this guy and his freaking clinic. He kept saying made up invoices and my insurance company kept paying him. I don’t have the words to describe my feelings when I first found out what this guy had done to my funds. I was in shock. I contacted his clinic and asked them about these bogus invoices. They just told me that they weren’t any bogus invoices but in fact, my due payments which I had forgotten to make. So according to them, I had forgotten to pay them freaking $700! I used to visit the place for regular checkups. And I didn’t get any procedures done there. So there was no chance that there were $700 due to me. I’m thinking of suing these people but that’ll cost more money and I don’t think I can afford it. If I could, I will sue them for stealing $700 from me. And I wanted to make you and others aware of this clinic’s criminal activities so you can stay alert. This place isn’t worth a visit or anything. There are plenty of dentists in the area, so you can easily visit any one of them. I didn’t know a dentist can be so depraved and ill-minded that he will steal money from his own patients. My financial health is not okay and after the horrible stuff he did to me, it has worsened a lot. I don’t know how I’ll manage my finances. The first thing I did, when I found out about these charges was to tell my insurance to stop all the payments and don’t accept any invoices from this clinic. Then I contacted these people who put the blame on me by saying that I was missing payments. The entire staff of Jordan Landing Smiles has a bunch of criminals and crooks. They all deserve to rot in a jail cell. What they’re doing is a felony. And I doubt that I’m the only victim of their crimes. I bet there are at least a bunch of other people who have been robbed blind by these people. They should be made to pay for their crimes. They didn’t issue me any refund or anything. When I told them that I will sue them for this, they told me that there’s no need to do that because I wouldn’t get anywhere. They are arrogant little-minded people who have no morals. Dr. Powell himself is a criminal. He told me personally that I won’t get anything out of suing his clinic and that it would be better if I just left the matter. Don’t visit this clinic if you care about your money and health.

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