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Dr. Joseph Oesterling loses his job for taking Nilandron Payola

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Published: 27 July 2017

Posted by: Jonathan C. Steen

Dr. Joseph Oesterling editor-in-chief of the journal Urology committed a felony by taking money under a false identity. His license was suspended only for a week and he was sentenced to community service. He also had to pay to the University of Michigan a hundred thousand dollars. He resigned from the job as a head of Urology in University and as director of the institute. Dr. Joseph Oesterling was top editor of Urology and he rose to the top by the age of 38 when he was named chair of urology at the University of Michigan in 1994
In a resignation letter, the conclusion was that Dr. Joseph Oesterling conduct was inconsistent with standards of the faculty of the University of Michigan. Charges against Dr. Joseph Oesterling were identified in four points:
1. Violation of University requirements
2. Conflict of interest because of his deals with pharmaceutical companies
3. Using University resources for personal profit
4. Falsification of records in order to bill the expenses
In this investigation, Department of Public Safety cooperated with Medical School and the evidence indicates that Dr. Joseph Oesterling did some serious misconduct and that is the reason for a resignation letter.
It was confirmed from Dr. Lazar J. Greenfield, professor of Surgery that Section of Urology will continue to work on its highest level of care for its patients.
Dr. Joseph Oesterling had a reputation as a surgeon. He is one of the leading doctors in prostatectomy and he will continue his research after a verdict. Friends and patients were praising him as a professional who spends hours of personal time to help his patients. One of them stated that Dr. Joseph Oesterling gave him the will to fight in moments of tremendous decisions.
But he did something that is illegal and unethical, he took money and position from pharmaceutical companies and in return he had to endorse the prostate cancer drug Nilandron and the latest procedure called TUNA. They gave him $25, 000 and the seat on their board. And nobody knew about that until the secretary secretly opened an envelope with that contained $5, 000 check and letter mentioning a contribution to Research Foundation. He was earning $400, 000 a year and he accepted an extra bribe from companies whose product he was testing. That company bought 60, 000 copies of his book that was a deal between them.
Dr. Joseph Oesterling was sentenced to 120 hours of laundry folding and in homeless center.
The problem is that doctors are paid and sponsored by drug companies. $55 billion a year drug business spends more than $10 billion a year on doctors. They carry an influence and he was receiving $25, 000 from the makers of Nilandron, Dr. Joseph Oesterling wrote to hospital pharmacies to favor Nilandron over other drugs.
Some drugs companies are buying prostate cancer advocacy and their help isn’t purely altruistic. They influence how doctors treat their patients, and if those drugs aren’t so good, then the patients have a problem.
Dr. Joseph Oesterling failed to treat a urological problem to lose a kidney in another case he is accused of damaging bladder and reproductive organs in two women.
He was revoked of his license and settlement can’t be reached and on public hearing patients will testify. Dr. Joseph Oesterling’s attorney denied the charges, and a hospital spokeswoman said that his status is confidential. He was set off from a list on Monday.
He put his money in several companies he established for prostate cancer research and in 1997 he put some of the money into his personal banking account. The state dropped charges that he lied to eight prostate patients about their sickness and prognoses. He just misrepresented that prognosis and he was ordered not to conduct trials for five years and to engage only in supervised research.
Dr. Joseph Oesterling’s attorney defended him because there are no similar professionals in the area and the highly regarded and the best surgeon is Dr. Joseph Oesterling. He said also that with that kind of history, Dr. Joseph Oesterling should stay at the Institute and University.
Some of the patients filed charges against him because they think he misjudged them and gave them disinformation about one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Because of the horrifying pain and psychological damage, they think that his malpractice could endanger a lot of people and patient.
The problem with this doctor is his awful way of perspective. He had a lot of money and he was still bribed and bought by a drug company. Why are our doctors so greedy? They are here to save lives and not to earn a lot, and he had money. 400, 000 dollars! What a shame!

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