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Published: 21 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

If you’ve been active in the digital industry for some time, you might have heard about Josh Elizetxe, the multi-millionaire entrepreneur who got popular because of his websites. While some people think really highly of him, I differ. That’s not because I hate his pomp and show. My reason for hating him is simple – He is a con artist. Josh Elizetxe didn’t build his 9-figure empire by simply ‘running a few websites’. He has built a strong empire through deceiving normal people like you and I and he is still running rampant.

He is a master manipulator. He does all sorts of things to cover up his nuances. He doesn’t care about the students getting his scholarship. He doesn’t care about the teeth of the users of his product Snow. And he certainly doesn’t care about the businesses who try to get investments from his investing firm Foresold. By creating a fake persona for years, he has ensured that no one will doubt his intentions. I used to be one of his followers. I used to look at him like an inspiration until I had a bad experience with him. I lost $50,000 to one of his scams. And it changed my whole perspective about Josh and his companies. I know what it feels like to be cheated and betrayed. I’m afraid that I’m not the only guy who has lost money or something of value because of Josh’s different scams. That’s why I’m sharing my experience and my opinion on Josh’s different products. I don’t want people to fall prey to his scams. I don’t want you to fall for his innocent-looking face.

My Experience with Foresold (Josh Elizetxe’s Company)

It all started around 6 months ago when I first contacted Foresold. At that time, I was unaware of how crooked these people are. Really, I didn’t think they’d be so depraved and greedy. As I mentioned earlier, Foresold used to be a digital marketing company. They used to perform online advertising for their clients. But that’s no longer the case as they became a ‘private internet portfolio’.

Josh uses Foresold for investing in new websites. I am an entrepreneur, I run an ecommerce business too. And when I had contacted Foresold, I was looking for some investment. You see, these people mention on their website that they are always looking for investment opportunities.

My ecommerce business was a great fit for these guys. I had ample traffic coming to my website there was a healthy revenue coming, it all seemed great. I was looking to expand, I wanted to grow my business. But I didn’t have the funding. I hadn’t heard of Josh a few months before I contacted Foresold. It was one of my friends who told me about Josh and his investment business. He told me all about Josh’s previous successes and how he has built a humongous empire. I was a little surprised to hear about this kind of success because he seemed too good to be true. But I thought, ‘ let’s give him a try, what’s the worse that could happen?’. So, I chose to contact Foresold in the hope of getting some investment.

When I had contacted these guys, I didn’t think they’d give me a quick reply. Who gives a prompt reply to people asking for money? But I was certain that I’d get a chance because I wasn’t asking for a loan or anything of that sort. I had contacted those guys with an investment opportunity.

Surprisingly, I got a response within 2 hours. I was shocked, really, to get a response so quickly from an organization so big. I didn’t know that these guys are scammers and all of that was just to fool me into believing them.

They asked me about my company, what were its revenue streams, how I got to find out about them, and then they told me that one of their experts will contact me later that week. I can’t express how excited I was at that point. ‘I’ll get to work with JOSH Freaking Elizetxe’, that was all I could think of. I waited for a few days and during the weekend, I got an email from Foresold.

It was from one of their ‘experts’. That guy was an expert that’s for sure but not in investing. He was an expert con artist. He discussed the technical details of the website like how much has my sales grown in the past months and why am I looking for more investment. I was happy to answer all of his queries. After a chain of long emails filled answers and questions, he told me that I looked like a great candidate and I might end up with a major investment.

I had to wait for another week before he contacted me again. This time, he didn’t come to me with a question but with an order. First he told me that my request was approved and I would get around $450,000 from Foresold as an investment. For my ecommerce business, that amount seemed huge.

But there was a twist. He wanted me to transfer around $50,000 into their bank account as a ‘processing fee’. According to him, his company wanted me to make that payment as a collateral. He said, “We don’t want to lose any of our money so we are asking you to make a small payment for initiating the process.” Now, I have heard a lot about internet scammers but I was blind at that time. I was blinded by their glamour, by their fake advertising. To me, those guys seemed like the most honest people I have ever known. He gave me the details and I transferred that whole sum on the same day.

After I transferred the amount, I didn’t hear from him for 2-3 weeks. That guy stopped responding to my emails. I didn’t have any other medium to contact him and I started getting worried. I was worried that I had been scammed by Foresold. But before losing all hope, I contacted the website. When I asked them about my company and the investment I was supposed to receive, those guys told me that it was still under process. When I asked them how long the process will take, they didn’t give me any response. Again, I waited for a few weeks. THen one day, I got a reply from the representative saying that I was NOT getting the investment from Foresold. According to him, my deal was canceled at the very last minute and there was nothing he could do.

I asked him about the advance of $50,000 I had paid to those guys. He told me that he would do his best to get it refunded but also warned me that I shouldn’t get my hopes up. That was the last I ever heard from that guy. It’s been 3 months since that message and there is no sign of my refund whatsoever.

I have tried to contact him multiple times. Whenever I contact Foresold, either I don’t get a response at all or they tell me that my request was denied so I should stop bothering them. What about the money they took from me? Where is it? The entire experience was like a roller-coaster ride. If it wasn’t for my family and friends, I would’ve shut down my business. But thanks to them, my business is still up and running.

If I would’ve relied on Foresold, my business would’ve shut down a long time ago. It doesn’t mean this incident didn’t leave any scars. My business stopped growing. I had to cut costs in multiple areas to make up for the huge loss of $50k.

Other People’s Experiences

LIke I said earlier, I knew I wasn’t the only person who got scammed by Josh’s companies. Josh runs different kinds of scams. I’m pretty sure Foresold, which used to be an advertising company, scammed people in the past too. Now, he has just changed the way it operates by turning it into a private investment firm. Then there is Snow, one of his most popular products ever. Josh tries to cover up things as much as he can but there are still a few people who have put effort into voicing their opinions. You can’t expect everyone to shut up about their horrible experience just because you’re rich and influential.

One customer received a broken product. This person had paid $300 for the product but when they received it, they found it to be defective. How frustrating is that? So this person contacted the company’s customer service for getting a replacement. Did this person get the replacement? No. Why? Because the company doesn’t care. They don’t bother about their customers because they are not customers. They are victims. This person tried every method of contacting these guys but failed in getting a response. If it was a normal company, it would’ve responded promptly. No company wants their customers to have a defective product.

Then there’s the case of another customer whose product broke after 4-5 uses. In this case, the cord of the device broke and the customer tried to contact customer support for it. But like in the previous case, this time the customer support didn’t respond as well. This customer tried to contact them repeatedly but didn’t get any response. If it had happened once, I could’ve believed that the staff at Snow is merely careless. But now I think these people deliberately cut off their clients once they make a sale. They are selling a crappy product which doesn’t work. And they know it so they avoid all of the potential complaint they can receive by putting up a fake customer support number.

Snow : Misleading Marketing and Lies

Snow is a total rip-off. It doesn’t help anyone. It is just a blue light connected with a cord which fools people into thinking that their teeth are whitening. The complaint I shared before were all about Snow. I only discussed a few but there really are many people who are either dissatisfied or feel cheated because of the terrible product.

A few complaint about a product make some sense but the amount of complaint against Snow is huge. Moreover, Josh has plenty of resources to get these complaint taken down. He’s been an active marketer for years. He knows the importance of having a strong online reputation. That’s why his team puts a lot of effort into removing content from different websites. They don’t want people to find out the truth about Snow and Josh’s other scams.

How can I say that Snow is a scam?

Well, one of the customers of Snow has pointed out in his distraught review that Snow isn’t worth $200 or $300. This product is available for a few dollars on Ali Express. Ali Express is a chinese wholesale website which sells a huge variety of products. But it’s a big concern because Snow claims that they manufacture Snow in America. Their claim could be true but if you’d ask me, I highly doubt that. Seeing the number of dissatisfied customers and defective products, I’m pretty sure that they don’t manufacture Snow (or whatever it is) in California.

If there are so many dissatisfied customers, why do people keep ordering it?

Josh might have no skills at all but he is good at one thing: lying. He has created a humongous brand filled with lies. He has been able to deceive thousands if not millions of people through his malicious and deceptive acts. I fell for his acts too so I can’t blame others. He has put in a lot of effort into creating a fake persona. This fake persona helps him in luring people into his trap.

Because he knows how to deceive people, he uses this expertise with every venture. He did it with Foresold. He is doing it with Snow. The huge number of photos of people, who are most probably all paid to post pictures, create an illusion of a trustworthy brand. You don’t need a great product to create a brand if you can simply lie about its quality. Josh knows his product useless but he doesn’t let others know that he knows this fact.


Josh’s company Foresold single-handedly ruined my company’s and my finances. I can never forgive this guy for his devious schemes and plans. The way he is lying to everyone on their faces and running a humongous scam shows how easy it is to dupe people online.

I shared my experience so I can make people aware of Josh’s scams. I tried everything to get my money back but when I realized that there’s no hope, I thought the least I can do is help others realize what a big sham he is.


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