Joshua A Lampert, MD

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He doesn’t have any sense of humanity for his patients.

Joshua Lampert is a big-time criminal. He doesn’t feel guilty for the bad things he does. He messes up surgeries but he doesn’t take responsibility for it. In fact, he doesn’t do anything too. He lets his helpers and subordinates do most of the procedures. That’s how I got a horrible nose job. Dr. Joshua was supposed to be the one handling my case but that bastard thought it’d be better to give my case to someone else. One of his new staff members did the job on me and I ended up with a f*cked up nose. Now I can’t even look at my reflection. Apart from my nose’s looks, its breathing has been damaged too. It doesn’t work well now. It is quite difficult for me to breathe properly because one of the nostrils is a little obstructed thanks to the f*cked up rhinoplasty Dr. Joshua did on me. If you want to ruin your face or life, then feel free to come to this guy. He will make sure that you lose money, time and your health. I had to undergo another surgical procedure to get rid of the damages Dr. Joshua’s clinic did to me.

They don’t hold themselves accountable for their mistakes. No, according to them, it’s you or something else which causes the surgery to f*ck up. They don’t say it’s their fault. Heck, they don’t even mention it unless you point it out. The whole place is filled with greedy pests who have no humanity. They all are in this together. When I had visited his clinic to get rhinoplasty done on my nose, I didn’t think he’d be this much evil and depraved. He had told me that he would be handling my case personally and that I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. He didn’t mention the risks of getting my nostrils blocked or anything like that. He just kept telling me about how different I’d look after getting the procedure done. I was quite glad at the time. I didn’t doubt his expertise for a second. But when the time came for the procedure, I noticed that Joshua wasn’t there. I asked for him and the person there told me that he wasn’t available so he’d be doing my surgery today. I didn’t want to get the procedure from an unknown novice. But he told me that Joshua had sent him so I conceded. Now my nose looks like a monster’s and I have impaired breathing. Joshua is a freak, he is a monster. You wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him for your procedure. I demanded compensation from these people later on but they denied any accountability or responsibility. They give me vague replies and point out that they have nothing to do with my nose. The entire staff is comprised of criminals. So I’d advise you to avoid Joshua Lampert and his clinic. He is not a reliable professional.

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