Joven Skin Care

Joven Skin Care

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Published: 05 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am actually following up on the report directly before mine from lady who saw ad in paper, & placed her ad from a newspaper type ad (on-line) I see in the small print from the company that they may change terms & agreements at any time, etc. | I was luckier I guess as I first saw adverisment on T.V. and was able to call Joven’s call number. A customer service rep answered and took all of my info. over phone, including my card . The ad stated ” free sample’s available for $4.95 shipping & handling charge only.” There was mention of if I did not like product, I had two weeks to return, but not that the 2 weeks started the day of ordering. No mention of only being able to return if box had not been opened, or that the 14 days started the day I ordered. After reading the “fine, fine print” referred to the complaintent prior to mine, nothing was said about most of their policy to me, nor did I receive any info. with product, just the product in box. | I remember them asking me if I wanted to be on a 30 day automatic re-order which I would have never agreed to having never tried the product. Yet when I called to order another bottle today, they still had my credit card on file, but would not order the product from their customer service , said they could not & gave me an internet site to go to. It would not go through on site, so I ended up calling them back three times. | Finally, I reached a lady who admitted they had all my info, & C.C. but would cost (rounded up) $90.00 for the same size bottle I had received on “free offer” for $4.95. When I reacted, she lowered the price to half that, and then finally said she would give me the same size bottle for $29.97 using her in-store discount, which I have no idea what that is, She was nice enough, nothing like previous cust. svc. rep. I spoke with. | I believe the products they sell or the one I tried ,are fairly good. The culpruts are in management, marketing & cust. service middle mgmt. I also think that stating in the small print that they may change policies and terms of contracts anytime without notification to customers is either illegal or boarding on such. Now I will be checking all debits on my credit card, to spot any red flag purchases. | I dislike giving my C.C. acct. numbers over the Net, it is a real easy way to ruin a person’s life, within days, But if a persons only option is to use or don’t get product, they take chances, I guess. I think this company should be audited or investigated or whatever type (if any) ls done. btw…the 1st Cosmetics…..another scam making billions

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