Joyce Coffman

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Joyce Coffman is desperate and alone

Joyce Coffman is honestly amazing in that she thinks she can do anything and get away with it. She is so desperate for attention! She is a nurse at Quincy, but she has unprotected sex with men she barely knows! I mean, you’d think she’d know better than that, right? She met my husband at a bar and they had sex. Then she had the nerve to call me and tell me what a nice man he was, and how I should make him happy!!! Obviously he was nice to her because she’s easy as hell. She also ended up calling me a bitch for no reason at all.
My husband said he didn’t want anything to have to do with her after they slept together. She just couldn’t accept the fact that a man she had met two weeks ago was dumping her. So she said things like, good luck with your wife, you’ll need it, when he dumped her! Like I was some sort of horrible person. My husband only gave her what she wanted to hear, because he knew she would spread her legs for him real easy.
Thanks for the laughs though, you bitch.

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