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Published: 20 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

For some reason, in the months of June and July, I had been having a hard time getting payment from various agencies I had worked with, as a brand ambassador. Through this agency, espeically, the relationship was set up by a viral recruiter, who I still have the utmost respect for. He did his part to get everything in writing and somehow certain things still went wrong. The event I had done for this agency was one where there was a NASCAR event and I was to hand out flyers and promote produce. The contract specified that I would be paid $25/day, in addition to, $18/hr. I thought the agency was reputable as the owner, John Smith, had called to make sure I was crystal clear on all the talking points so I would do a first class job. Was it the same way this agency treated me? Not really. When booking events with agencies, it is expected that the relationship be near equal. The brand ambassador, or independent contractor provides services and he is paid within a timely manner. This is NOT what happened. Spanning the time between the last event date and when I had to NOTIFY (YES NOTIFY, was not actually cut a check) had been about a month. Sure, after that, I was cut a check within 2 days; however, this does not really make up for anything. What was even worse was that the owner admitted that it should have been cut within 3 weeks?? So let me get this straight, the agency, on average, pays within three weeks and I had to notify them, after a month to get my check? Also, I was blamed for “maybe not having all the paperwork in” when I actually had submitted all my paperwork in the beginning. How could I not have had all the paperwork in when I was cut a check 2 days later? Wouldn’t any logical person say that the agency is to blame? Looking at the above statements, as if this was not bad enough, the check comes and what do I see on it? I was paid for all the hours I had worked. Fine! But what? It was short $50. How in the world was it short $50? IT WAS SPECIFIED IN THE CONTRACT! So I was blamed for maybe not having all my paperwork in; but when it comes to the agency, they cannot even UNDERSTAND the agreement. Very upsetting. It has been around 3 weeks, minus a week because the owner was out of the country; however, still no $50. I remember emailing them the day I recieved the check. All in all, I will keep the conclusion short. I am not saying this is a bad agency to work for; but the reputation had taken a skydive. What I thought might have been an agency with a high standard, ended up leaving me to question it. Had I not inquired about my payment because I actually spreadsheet all my amounts, I would have never been paid. It makes me wonder how many independent contractors, before me, never were paid. That is scary! .

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