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Published: 14 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

BEWARE this company will blatantly rip you off. I called them to service my Refrigerator. The showed up and manually defrosted my freezer with a heat gun, then told me that I needed a whole new defrost system. Here is the letter I wrote to them after they ripped me off. **Transcript of Business Letter** December 12, 2011 Tony (mobile: 954-729-7320) JT Appliance, Inc. Tony- I called JT Appliance and scheduled a repairman to come to my house to troubleshoot and repair my Frigidaire refrigerator. On Wednesday June 22, 2011, you came out to my house, troubleshot, and manually defrosted my refrigerator. Upon completion of troubleshooting, you informed me that I needed the entire defrost system replaced. The Defrost System (Control Board, Heating Element, Evaporator Coil). Defrost System – $389.00 Labor – $49.50 Tax – $26.31 Total – $464.81 Based on the fact that you are a professional, and that professionals should correctly diagnose problems, I paid you $464.81, for a new defrost system. You told me that you would be back in several days with the parts to repair my refrigerator. You also informed me that the manual-defrost that you performed, would only last a couple of days, before my fridge would stop cooling again. On Friday June 24, 2011, a few days later my refrigerator was still operating properly, cooling, etc. I called you, to let you know the good news. You said it was to be “short-lived” and it would “definitely” stop working within a few more days. Again it never failed! Upon our last conversation you asked I call you the middle of the following week “when” it stopped working. Since that final conversation it has been in operation flawlessly, if I may say so. Based on our conversation Tuesday June 28, 2011, and upon letting you know it was “fixed” and working properly, you stated that you would completely refund me the $464.81 minus the service call fee of $59.99, I agreed without cause for concern. As per this conversation, I was to be refunded $404.82 as by the words of your mouth. You did also state to me that if my fridge stopped working after this that you would have to charge me another service call fee, this was agreed mutually. Based on my records, and your perceived honesty we both parted happy with our results. I expected to be billed as to what was orally contracted and logically expected, no parts were installed, I paid your service fee. You were expecting an imminent failure therefore you also expected to be contracted a second and separate time for the repair of the perceived defect, again which never happen. Friday July 1, 2011 – I called you, and informed you that my fridge was still working properly, and that I would like my refund of $404.82. You told me that it would be refunded to my credit card. Monday August 29, 2011 – I checked my credit card statement, to see if the credit of $404.82 had been applied yet, it had not. I called you to inquire about the refund that was not issued. You apologized and said that you’d been on vacation in Arizona, and had simply forgot to do it. You said that you would promptly take care of it. October 10, 2011 – I still had not received the refund yet. I called and left a voicemail for you. You did not return my call. October 18, 2011 – I left another voicemail for you. You did not return my call. October 18, 2011 – I left a message with Denise (office manager). You did not return my call. October 24, 2011 – I left another voicemail for you. You did not return my call. October 26, 2011 – I left a message with Denise (office manager) for you. You did not return my call November 10, 2011 – I left another voicemail for you. You did not return my call. I have also sent you 5 text messages, requesting that you give me a call (10/18, 10/19, 10/24, 11/4, 12/5) November 18, 2011, Denise called me and told me that she was willing to refund me half of the $464.81. I made it known that these terms were, by any stretch, unacceptable. I explained, since you’re a trained technician who troubleshot my refrigerator incorrectly, in no way, and especially holding what is by law, a sincere and valid contract, was I to pay anymore then the initial service call fee that remedied the problem. I’m an honest person and happy to pay for a repair if those parts WERE needed and WERE installed, but they WERE NOT. I hope in writing these points (and my records of correspondence) clarify the problem to a “T” and there are not further issues, as logically there never should have been in the first place. Regardless of what was “perceived” that my appliance needed, the technician simply misdiagnosed the problem and that concern IS NOT with me, it is with your company and your technicians. As of December 12, 2011, I still do not have a refund of $404.82. I want the charge of $404.82 refunded within in seven days of receipt of this letter. .

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