Judge Charles Hopkins

Judge Charles Hopkins

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Published: 04 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This guy is insulting my itelligence at the expense of my children, custody was ordered by the court for custody schedule to remain the same, which was determined in May 29, 2019 order, however, Judge Hopkins continued his belligerent stance, furthermore, this court mysterious defense of plaintiff has established an extraordinarily troubling precedent, that doesn’t act in the best Interest of Child. | Court was told by Father, that we all know what’s going on, here today, in reference to the Judge denying Father’s motions but awarding him partial reimbursement of child care costs, but refused to acknowledge severity, furthermore, subliminally acknowledging plaintiffs disobedience of court orders. | Judge amazingly dismissed a Behavior Court order that was requested by father to retain a standard of respect with parties, the Judge stated that this order was not ordered by his court, however he addressed the same order in previous hearings. | Judge displayed intimidating signs of temperament, by grabbing his head and covering his face, while father is speaking on the best interest of his children. Father stated that Parents agreed on Father having kids from Monday – Friday, however, judge denied with prejudice, led Father questioning courts underlying intent. | Father stated in court that mother work schedule supported why parents agreed to their schedule, and that, furthermore, father clearly stated that his daughters is being affected by this custody schedule, that he has signed them up to see a therapist and that mother has not been apart of any of our children’s learnings or health affairs. | Mother work schedule supports Father neglect claims, which mother has 3 sustained cases with family services for Neglect. Father exposed mother’s 8 false reports claims, Judge declared that what was happening in justice court wasn’ this court’s concern, Father suggested that it should matter, if I’m facing jail time, Father gestured and stated that this court is trying to help you towards the mother, furthermore, judge stated that he had ALL the exhibits in front of him. | Mother made an allegation that Father doesn’t live at that address. Court encouraged mother to seek perjury by Father, however, Father has evidence of multiply perjury claims against mother, which judge refused to vet. | Court didn’t comment or acknowledge Father’s allegations of perjury, that was presented and supported by documents in hearing. Court initially ordered mother to file order from the hearing, however Father objected and stated to the court that, they ordered mother to file it last hearing and she didn’t, courts helped mother with order, supporting Fathers claims of prejudice. | Father requested to file order, to have it expedited. Father notified the court that he was interested in Judge recusing himself from the case, judge is hopeful that i mess up so that he can take my kids away, this man intent makes him equalevent to the devil on god. | I know i have matured because i know my anger will not help the case, this peopleare turning me into a activist , i just want my kids . wuuuuuuuu saaaaaaaaaaaa. he better hope i die of stress , because im not giving up on my kids, but hopefully i can expose his findings. its very clear what he is doing

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