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Published: 31 January 2019

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May of 2007 my husband and I took his daughter mother to trail for custody. Before going to court we had visitations every other weekend for two hours and/or any other day reasonable upon each party. Well my husband Ex was playing the jealous game acd keeping his daughter from him so we decided to take her to court. During the hearing we got a temporary court order to have his daughter Saturday and Sunday from 9-5 the mother of course followed threw. We proceeded with Court which got really ugly. When court was all said and done the mother was his with 14 counts of child neglect. Part of the stipulation was to follow threw with cps for a whole year,take my step daughter to a dentist, enroll her into school, both the mother and my husband had to take parenting classes, my step daughter was to be seen by mental health, which only thing that concerned mental health was that my step daughter missed her father so the counselor suggested too call me my husband and his ex to talk about what we can all do, well bc the counselor wanted me involved the mother pulled my step daughter out because she felt it was none of my business. The mother at the time was living with her parents and they are court ordered too buy a new home in order for my step daughter to live there bc half the trailer ran off a lead cord and there was a huge whole with a piece of plywood over top of it. As far as visitations were set once we left the court house that were to stay as the temporary order stated, every Saturday and Sunday. Well two weeks later we get the order in the mail and it’s back to every other weekend for two hours. but what gets me is bc my husband was on parole the court hits the mother with 14 counts of child neglect yet gets to keep their child, and the mother never completed anything in the court order and never gets violated for it. We ended up going back to court and in the mean time the mother moved out of her parents house, we gave the correct address on the court papers but shed never answer the door for the cops or anyone else we had deliver the papers. We made sure to text her answer leave voice mails stating the court date and time well the day comes my husband sends her a text, court at 9am see you there. Well we’re sitting in court and she calls the judge saying she had just found out ten mins before court that she had to be there, we had proof we’d text her and called get numerous times and lawliss just dismissed my husband case because she wasn’t served. Later on we found out lawliss should of filled an emergency petition to have her served because of the court order its stated she’s too give address and phone number and with her saying she was never served by the police or anyone else it was considered the wrong address so lawliss was suppose to file and emergency petition to find my step daughter and just decided to dismiss my husband case. He needs to be thrown outta office, he’s sexist biased and a complete d**k. Things I’ve heard from other cases how he made mothers choose which kid they wanted to keep and if the mother couldn’t choose he’d violate her for not choosing. He’s a POS and I don’t know why the courts keep going on with him doing what he does to parents. 70% of the inmates in county are family court violators, does no one see that? Somebody do something about him, take him out and throw him in jail and see how he likes it just bc of something as small as not being able to make a decision of what kid the mother wants to keep and what kid she wants to adopt out. POS!!!!! .

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