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Published: 17 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been in a custody battle in Macomb County Circuit Court for twelve years. I have spent over $500,000 on lawyers in those twelve years. The actions of the lawyers and judges in this Court are unbelievable and horrifying. My daughter is the one that has suffered for those twelve years. If you are a FRIEND of the judge, then don’t worry about it, you get her decision in your favor. The first judge on our case was Antonio Viviano, yes, who definitely made mistakes, and kept stating, “”you two just need to get along””, as an excuse and an ‘out’ for not paying attention to what was really going on before you get to court. Judge Viviano’s daughter, Kathyrn Viviano, was the judge that received her father’s docket when he retired. Judge Kathyrn Viviano recused herself from our case from the start. The entire bench already was aware of what type of case it was. Judge Viviano’s clerk, Rhonda Esler, was one of the defendants in a lawsuit filed, because Rhonda Esler had stricken Judge Viviano’s signature OFF an Order regarding school issues with my daughter. Right before Judge Antonio Viviano’s retirement, a Motion had gone to Judge Chrzanowski, due to Judge Viviano’s absence, in which an Order was changed or adjusted in the best interest of my daugther. Judge Viviano was so angry when he found out, that there was a argument between the two judges. (Details will be on website) Soon after that, Judge Chrzanowski also recused herself. Our case was then sent to Judge Tracey Yokich. I have ALWAYS had my daughter’s education a priority. Plain and simple, my ex was fighting me on Grosse Pointe Schools -v- St. Clair Shores schools from kindergarten on. I had my daughter attending pre-K for two years before kindergarten, and her father fought that also. That, in and of itself, has been a horrible, horrible battle from my daughter’s father that should never, ever be an issue.

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