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Published: 29 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Several years back this horrible person, Judy Blossom, had a next door neighbor. In Three Arch Bay, Laguna Beach, Judy’s hunting ground for thievery. She lived next door to a couple. The woman was being abused, financially, verbally, and worse. Judy’s husband had JUST died. She started having the (married man) next door neighbor over in the evenings while the abused wife sat next door with her young children. What the two of them were doing in Judy Blossom’s house in the evenings we will never know? But we know the OUTCOME. When the young wife wanted out of the abusive relationship the husband and Judy SOLD her home without her knowledge. How they got away with it at the time is UNREAL. The abusive husband signed the wife’s name to a quitclaim deed and signed her name to remove her from another business as well. The abused wife never signed anything, was never finger printed by a notary, only Judy and the abusive man were there.The abused wife was kept in the dark. Judy and the abusive husband (financially, verbally, and worse) walked away with not only the proceeds from the illegal sale of this Three Arch Bay home, but they BOTH got their commision. Only a horrific woman would aid and abett an abusive man and enable him to continue to abuse another woman. Only a horrific woman, Judy, would walk away with her money check and continue her shady practices. Would you really want a woman like Judy Blossom to be your Laguna Beach Realtor?

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