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Julie Scott and her website californiaevictiondefensespecialist.com is a total scam!

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Published: 23 August 2017

Posted by: Rebecca W. Norris

She was a victim of fraudulent eviction representation. She found californiaevictiondefensespecialist.com and spoke with Julie Scott and Julie promised her that she would help. The attorney called her from a blocked phone and told her that she didn’t have to attend court and that he will get an extension to further work on the case. She contacted Julie on the day of the court after 8:30 and Allen, the attorney, called her and told her that everything went well and he got the extension and that she will receive the judge’s letter against her.
He was confident that she doesn’t have to worry because the court date will be written on it. After that, she received a letter from the judge and emailed it to Julie. She started to call them and they didn’t respond and after a while, she got a message from Julie that Allen will call soon enough. After that, she tried and tried and couldn’t get through, there were no messages and no callback.
After an online eviction specialist on californiaevictiondefensespecialist.com named Julie Scott and Allen Shae had advised her that attorney will handle her case and they had her give them to deposit money in order to chase the account. The attorney claimed that he went to her court date and got an extension to further work on behalf her case and then he called her and gave her “ no tranquility” Later she found a notice from leasing office and that no one showed on her behalf. She started to call her attorney and Julie Scott and no one was answering her or calling her back. She called from a different phone, from the mother in law’s phone, and Julie picked up immediately. After she asked Julie what is going on, because she gave them the money and nothing happened. The extension was not filled. Julie acted aggressively and said that attorney will call her on short notice.
She was so sad and crazy that she begged Julie Scot for an answer and she never called back. She kept calling her extension and there was still no answer. After a while, Julie Scott called her and told her that she wasn’t able to contact Allen Shae attorney, and she will call back after finding him. The next day she called her back and there were no signal as if they blocked her cell phone number. When she called from home phone, a call went through but they were not answering. After that, she called leasing office attorney and told them everything. That she was robbed by two criminals who addressed themselves as attorneys but they didn’t do anything on that behalf. She told that Allen Shae attorney told her that everything will be settled and that she would not have to worry. She was a victim of a scam by californiaevictiondefensespecialist.com
After all, there were always a con masters that disguised themselves as someone they weren’t. This is a fine example of the idea that you can’t believe everything you see. There no other explanation. This is a perfect hoax because you find someone on a website. You read all these fine reviews about that and decided to go the easier way. She could just hire an attorney like any other, but she had to go to someone she doesn’t even know.
While the largest number of lawyers tries to do their job professionally, there are those who see their “job” for deceiving and cheating. From time to time we come to appeal to individual lawyers, to say the least, more like gangsters and organized crime rather than the lawyers.
These lawyers are almost in every city, but when you mention them to other lawyers or people from their profession, all shake their heads and shrug their shoulders and all pretend that they do not exist, or pretend to not notice them. It is interesting that the most “unfair” trade lawyers are in real estate and business deals. There are complaint that some lawyers are making contracts with people about life serving promises and after that, they are expelling the old people out of their apartments and houses.
There are lawyers who threaten opposite sides, sometimes even by force trying to tempt an imaginary.
Individual real crooks contract for a certain amount even though they know that these agreements serve the purpose of fraud.
There was threat Court of individual clients who was asked to “comply” or do something which is not specified in the contract.
You are going to pay only part of the money that is given the contract and then a variety of tricks and plots delayed payment of the rest of the money.
And the question is what happens when you encounter one of these charlatans? Unfortunately, there is little that can be done. Therefore, if you are looking for lawyers ask friends and relatives, go to the bar … because if you fall into the hands of unscrupulous lawyers you will only complicate your life. More and more…

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