Jurassic Fuel Trading LLC

Jurassic Fuel Trading LLC

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Published: 20 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Stop! do not do business with any members of the kittler family! | They will charge you much more than the project will cost, take your money and produce nothing but excuses! | We are victims of fossil oil, run by dennis kittler and his family. After years of targeting the elderly, to invest in their continuous supply of, low to no production oil and gas wells, and volumes of Yscam postings by the victims of the kittler family, dennis, appears, to be attempting a professional make over by coming up with new businesses to target more elderly victims, the naïve and uninformed; while abandoning his investors. | Dennis says, he is retiring from the “oil patch” after decades of success. We are attempting to find a single success in his and his family’s decades of, apparent, lying, scheming and cheating people out of their money. There is, absolutely, no doubt that dennis and his family have made millions, but it, appears, equally true, that their victims, primarily, the elderly, have lost millions! bankrupting and/or financially destroying the elderly, appears to be, the, real business that the kittler family is in. It is estimated that this family has destroyed hundreds, if not thousands, of families for the sole purpose of making money off their victim’s that had, unfortunately, placed their trust in the kittler family! it has all turned out to be a scam, according to the authorities we have spoken with. | We represent a very small sampling of the families that the kittler family has, apparently, financially destroyed. | Our question is, “how did the kittler family become millionaires while their investors lost everything?” | Kittler has refused to provide the financial, backing and tax records for their many failed ventures. Kittler attorney, randy henderson has said that the investors have no right to see how their investment was used! henderson has indicated that kittler could spend the money anyway he chose for anything he wanted. It appears that the kittler’s have used investor funds for self-enrichment and to start new enterprises. The secret service has been extremely helpful in our understanding of money laundering and the use of the tainted funds to start other businesses. | Please do not do business with this family. They will lie to you, take your money and discard you, like last week’s garbage, with absolutely no remorse! it has cost many investors their entire wealth! if you have been contacted or have invested or are contemplating investing, with the kittler family, stop! contact our representative, colt ledger at [email& 160;protected] for the information that has been compiled in preparation for filing criminal fraud and money laundering against each and every kittler associated with this family’s multi-million dollar scams. | They have discarded us, their investor-victims and are now attempting to re-emerge as the first family of salt water disposal and fuel trading. They appear to be unaware of the ever present stench of swindlers. | Everything contained herein is our opinion based on our direct relationship with the kittler family and their thugs, the documented criminal fraud and money laundering allegations found in our federal complaints being prepared as this information is posted and being actual victims of the kittler family scams. Of course, everyone is considered innocent until proven otherwise in a legal forum.

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