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Published: 18 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I found this place from a groupon-when I went in of course they provide you with a spiel and all these incentives to sign up which I did at $20/month. My groupon was for 6 weeks and then I was to be billed. Of course they tried to bill me before the 6 weeks got that cleared up. From then things seemed to be going smooth. Unfortunately it just became no longer convenient to me to commute to this gym with the options I had available to me. So I called to cancel and the nightmare begins. First off they have a Membership Addendum that states if you come at least twice a week for 6 consecutive weeks you can cancel at any term during your agreement. Which was great for me since I signed a two year agreement! When I called I was immediately told I couldn’t cancel because I had a 2 year contract, of course I was told they didn’t have it on file and I would have to come in to cancel anyway. The ladies at the desk, over the phone are extremely rude, especially when you’re not satisfied. They start to cut you off with “Ok Ok thank you”, “well alright”-like you can’t even finish your sentence. When I go in Diane the lady I deal with immediately offers me a drop rate, which may have been acceptable if they didn’t show me how fake they really are. I’m not going to do business with these type of people. I politely decline and she asks literally 5 times why I’m cancelling, last I checked anytime means anytime I don’t need to explain myself. I show her the addendum that has magically disappeared in their system and her first words are oh the manager didn’t sign this. So she gets the guy who signed me up, Kyle, to confirm the document is real and proceeds with a cancellation form. How unprofessional is it they have an addendum to the contract they provide you with but you have to have a copy for them to acknowledge it?? Sounds fishy to me. I tell Diane that my payment appears to be processing and I want to know how to get it refunded. She immediately says well you can just keep coming for the next month and it will cancel after that. To which I respond, no-I’m cancelling because this is no longer convenient why would I continue to come for a month?? She hands me the manager Phillip’s card and states I can speak to him, but he doesn’t do refunds. Seriously?! I’m telling you I’m not returning, you gave me an addendum that says cancel anytime, now you’re charging me for a month I won’t even be there??? I call and speak to Philip and now I know why customer service doesn’t matter at this gym. He’s immediately rude and standoffish stating there was no way to cancel my transaction when it was already processing. I advised him I was aware of this-what I was trying to accomplish was get a refund for 6/15-7/15, since that is what they charged my card for and I cancelled 6/15 and have not used the facilities since. He tells me no he can’t do that but I can come use the facilities for the month I was charged. How can an entire front of house staff not have 1 brain between them?? I specifically advised every person I spoke to I was not returning. I clarified with Philip the manager, I’m not returning, you charged me, and you won’t refund my money even though I’m not coming back? To which he responded yes-you can use the facilities to 7/15 if you want. I’m really glad my card company has a brain and I could get this resolved through them and I have copies of everything. The equipment and cardio cinema here are great, and so are the trainers. Unfortunately that doesn’t make up for the crooks at the front desk or the poor customer service and toddler tantrum when they don’t get their way. Here’s a tip to the front desk and management here: Don’t offer anything you aren’t willing to honor and it might be helpful if you stopped cheating people in general. To admit to a customer you are going to take their money even though you are aware they will not be returning to your facilities is completely unethical and that’s definitely something that gets around quick and you appear as complete scam artists. I wouldn’t suggest anyone sign up for anything with these people-last I checked taking someone’s money for services not rendered and facilities not used is theft is it not? .

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