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Published: 17 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I called them to clean and service my gutters and someone showed up 3 hours late on a rainy day knowing that I specifically said to them over the phone I would also need some caulking done! It would need to be a dry day!! They showed up anyway and proceeded to supposedly clean the gutters within the 30 minute for two houses and left me with half the job completed and wanting to be paid for the most of the work he did without caulking. Since then several weeks have passed. Calling them explaining to them what the situation was and I would be lead around and said someone will be out and they never show. When I would call back they would say the guy ran late on another job and couldn’t make it. FINE!! but call me and let me know. This has not been fixed yet and they ran off with $400 cash for doing nothing!!! I called just gutters nyc to clean, caulk and service gutters for 2 big houses making it clear that it could not be done on a rainy day. I got an appointment between the hours of 9 am – 11 am. So I called them at 12:30 pm asking if someone was on their way and was told yes. A short while later the actual serviceman that was to come to my house called me assuring me he’d be here withing the hour. That would mean before 1 pm he’d have to show right?? Wrong!! he showed up 4 hours late and claimed yet another job he had ran late and he hit traffic. 4 hours late?? I could see 1-2 hours but 4 hours late. Give me a break!! Well he proceeded to get his ladder and looking very lazily as if he did not want to do the job. I asked him why they sent someone out on a rainy day to do caulking. He said he was only sent to clean and repair the gutters not caulk them. What!! The whole point was to have them sealed because they leak!! So he proceeded to seemingly clean the gutters while I was called away inside my house. He calls me on my cell not more than 30-40 minutes later and says he’s done and i’d like to be paid so I can leave and go home. Well when asked if he would consider taking half he wasnt all to happy about it babbling about it’s up to my boss I don’t run his business. So I encouraged him to call him he refused and still wanted to be paid $400 cash for the portion of work he did. So still today I am without caulking and leaking gutters do to debris in the gutters witnessed by another roofer who just happened to be doing work on the house next door. He had asked me if I wanted my gutters cleaned!!! What!! So do yourselves a favor and stay far away from these frauds and theives they will use deceptive tactics to get the job and then never complete it or do subpar work without the poper permits. And leave you with an empty wallet and feeling scammed!!!! .

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