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Published: 15 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Had a call from Jamie Liebenguth of Just Stated Laons that he could fund my real estate deal. So I sent him over my complete file to over look it. He said he could do the deal, just send $3500 over to his associate Anthony Tomasi of ATJM to get it finded. The $3500 was for a real estate apprisal and processing fee. Well after a month I get the excuse that they did not like the 3 year payment history, and that its refused. But no apprisal, just almost over $1500 in fees to look at 30 emails. They even put down $600 for back ground check, which was never done or I would have seen it on my credit report. I agreed to a reduced payback, but I never got any type of refund. For over 3 months its been in the mail,and processing is working on it. This was just a reason to delay and not pay. I even said I would pay for the return wire or over night me the check. But they never did. They like its in the mail with no proof of it being sent or recieved. This is a scam for an advance fee. Just have to wait it out and report it to the Attorney General, Real Estate Board, FBI and IRS. The IRS can get you restitution, as if you do fraud, you can not hide behind a copmany. As this is telemarketing since I was first contacted by phone, wire fraud, and fraud. If enough people complain, ali the local agencies will take an interest to this scam. If you can show 3 people involved the State can take it via the Rico act, and you get 3x your money back And after some basic research, this is not the first time, if you look at other Rip OFF claims under Anthony Tomasi, he has done this before taking other peoples money. And Jamie Liebenguth always stated he has a good relationship with him,and that he has dealt with him before and he can get the deal done. Seams like we have 2 parties into doing this advace fee. Jamie is the “wheel man” and Anthony does all the money taking. And all the threats of taking me to Court if I keep trying to get my money back does not scare me, as what will their defense be to the Judge ” I have his money and I am keeping it”. I am not too much on the money issue, its the point, I had to find another $3500 to replace what was taken from me, and that at Christmas time, made me have to cancel Christamas for my family, and almost no presents for my 4 year old, cause I got scammed.These people are living the good life off of hard working people, this is the only way they know how to make money. Been 3 months always being promised my money, but still have zero funds to date returned to me, and this is what they promise, not made-up by me. Have wasted more time trying to get my money back, than the actual deal its self. Went to a big name broker, and now I got 4 lenders all submitting me their best terms to fund my deal. Names change, companies change, but still the same players taking your hard earned money. And the “in the mail” and “processing has it” can only work for so long.

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