Justin Barberee

Justin Barberee

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Published: 18 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Takes money for tattoos and never does them or will start under verbal agreement which he then will change after outline. That’s ONLY if your lucky, most of his victims who pay don’t even see him again. Why would someone pay for something you ask? Simple, him and his wife are calculated scammers who use their children to get people to feel bad and pre pay thinking they are helping them out. | Tattoos aren’t the end of it, he scams for automotive work as well. He doesn’t take usually advantage of many adults in scamming this way, his victims are usually kids who don’t know better. He doesn’t discriminate though, he will scam kids, adults, elderly, handicapped, doesn’t matter, you have money do NOT give it to him. | Do not leave money laying around, he’s been known to straight up steal it. It’s sad to think parents who have children would do this kind of thing to other people/children and use their own kids as a pity cry for help. Karma comes to those who are deceptive and steal, cheat and lie through life. | Somewhere along the way they scam the wrong person or the wrong people. Somewhere along the way they miscalculate. Somewhere, sometime, they will have to answer to someone and why not in a 6×9? In the meantime watch out for Justin Barberee. His wife is Chelsea and even though she hides In the shadows, don’t let her fool you, she’s very calculating but does it under the radar. | Both of them will pay for their deceptive behavior someday. Don’t be a victim. Don’t let your friends be victims, remember the name and take a good look at the pictures.

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