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Published: 13 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

They worked behind the scenes to make corrupt deals with insurance company representatives that they would bribe to get clients without telling anybody. It’s all detailed now what I thought was going on in a lawsuit against them. | They fired this poor girl because she refused to do the corrupt things they were doing there. And now shes suing them. | To go behind everybodys backs and make corrupt deals with the insurance companies who they were bribing and then firing this girl who spoke up is so wrong. Its crazy.

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Argie Spuck

Argie Spuck is PIT trained (Post Induction Therapy). She specializes in the treatment of trauma and abuse, couples, codependency, spouses


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I completed several surveys and my account was not credited. I sent screenshots and the survey numbers to them and was still not credited.

Steven Kanfer

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