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Published: 10 September 2019

Posted by: Mary Hall

A couple of months back I bought numerous little packs of Purina Beyond dog nourishment from K9’s Only. I opened the primary pack soon thereafter and when my companion stuck her hand in, there was a sticky film. I don’t know why, however, we thought this was an egg (don’t ask us for what good reason we thought this, the flavour was fish and egg and we absurdly thought they really broke an egg or something to take care of) and didn’t think much of it. Unexpectedly, I saw a dim bug came flying out and it terrified me so much that I didn’t open any of the other different packs.
About a month later, I began seeing flying bugs (like little moths) all around my home however didn’t have an inkling where they were coming from. My friend wound up following it back to the sacks of canine nourishment, and when we opened them, every single of them was plagued with slimy parasites/webs/flying bugs. We googled it and went over articles on sites and were stunned to see that it was additionally a Purina brand obtained from K9’s Only. We understood it wasn’t simply us so we brought the packs into K9’s Only to exchange them. We were not requesting a discount of any sort; we wanted to exchange the sacks of food that did not have bugs in them.
The clerk saw the sacks and was not astonished. We talked with the store supervisor and revealed to her our worries that they were selling a brand that had bugs. After plenty of arguments and denial on her end, she at long last consented to exchange our 34 sacks. She just had 8 on the rack so offered those to us, at that point she also said she would arrange the extra 26 soon. She guaranteed us that the 8 she gave us would not have any bugs. She noted down our contact data and we left. We returned home and opened a pack. Obviously, that one was brimming with bugs too. We contacted the company and shop to tell them that the food bags they had just given us from one of their shelves were infested but could never reach them, so we finally went to Petco to buy Purina Pro Plan for our dog and that food was fine.
K9’s Only sells food bags with insects and does not care when customers complain about their products. All I am asking for them is to stop selling the food brand and exchange my bag which was infested with non-infected food. Their apathy towards this problem is of concern. Please see their ignorance and reluctance to take action. They all make excuses for each other instead of straightening the wrong. A customer service officer once dared to tell me that even if my dog ate the food, it would be fine because the maggots/insects would not affect their digestive system. Take it as a warning. Please do not buy anything from K9’s Only.

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